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Be a Cali Paddler "Team Writer"

If you have read our stories, you probably know that we are passionate about paddling, and the waters we travel. We love to share our adventures, and showcase the sense of community that California paddling offers.

Update January 2017 - Get store credit for your contributions!

Every paddler has a voice, and stories to share. We would be thrilled to have you be a part of our team. We are looking for folks from all paddle craft (SUP, Prone, Outrigger, Dragonboat, Surf-Ski and Kayak) to send us your experiences and stories. Have you:

  • Conquered a challenge or long-term goal?
  • Experienced something magical with mother nature while on a paddle?
  • Pushed yourself beyond what you thought you could?
  • Met amazing people and shared hilarious stories?
  • Gotten marine biology experience and can explain what those cool animals we see are?
  • Tried a new paddle craft, used new equipment, or discovered a new trick?

Chances are there are thousands of paddlers who visit our site who would love to read about it. Be a Cali Paddler "Team Writer" today. Contact us and lets see what we can showcase for you.

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(Thank you to Nadine, Tony and Alex for your photo contributions above!)

Cali Paddler Beach Cleanup Success

Cali Paddler had a tremendous time this past Saturday as many of our tribe came out to join us and make a difference. On the morning of July 5th, over 25 paddlers got together in San Diego to pick up trash along the beach and waterways of Mission Bay. 13 full kitchen bags of trash were collected, much of it at low tide where the incoming waters would have swept it out to sea for fish, turtles and sea life to mistake for food.

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Event Feature - SundaySundaySunday Race Series

Check out a quick video of Bob Long from West Coast Paddle Sports who is excited to have you all know about the 2015 SUP and Prone Race Series.

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Oil Spill Report - On Location

Conservation-Oil Spill EffortsWe touched base with a Cali Paddler who recently was up at the Santa Barbara oil spill with her work to help with efforts and document the impact. Read about what she saw first hand, what is being done, and what we can still do.

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Cali Paddler Launches

It is with great stoke that Cali Paddler has launched! More than just an apparel company, or a lifestyle brand, we hope to unite and energize the paddling community!
Cali Paddler is built on 3 pillars...Community, Conservation and Connection and this website is a huge component to our company goals. Some of the features include...

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