Our Paddle Pledge just got even better! Cause Products with Ocean Discovery Institute

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt
This timeless phrase highlights among many possibilities, what we believe is the idea that each of us has the opportunity to live in service of others and our great planet.

Cali Paddler Cause Product concept Launch

Our Paddle Pledge just got even better!

Cali Paddler is proud to honor what it calls the Paddle Pledge. Where 5% of all proceeds go to support and nurture non-profit groups that are aligned with coastal and waterway stewardship in our great golden state. This has been a cornerstone value since the beginning of our organization and always will. Period. Our tribe gets to help out wonderful groups through a simple purchase and learn about amazing organizations, while choosing where THEY want the portion of their purchase to positively impact California.


Today we will be launching a new spin to the Paddle Pledge, our first "Cause Products". With the launch of our recent team paddler and mascot Gary Garibaldi, we have aligned with the Ocean Discovery Institute. Any Cali Paddler clothing, apparel or other items that feature a California Garibaldi, our state fish, will have 5% of the proceeds go to this wonderful non-profit group who's mission is to share with and educate under-served youth to the ocean and it's inhabitants. The products for this cause will include something for Every Paddler in California and continue our standards of high quality and unique designs.

Future Cause Products

As we explore our state more, and come in contact with more wonderful groups, you will see more exciting cause aligned products and themes. So check back often, to see new ways that purchases support noble groups and efforts. And as always, Cali Paddler invites feedback and suggestions on causes and groups we can help support.

For those who are a fan of our original Paddle Pledge, have no fear! All items not specifically aligned with a cause will still have 5% of proceeds from their sales go to our various aligned non-profit groups. So you can trust that whatever you purchase from Cali Paddler, you will be supporting a worthy and well-vetted organization. Their efforts matter to you. And they matters to us.

Ocean Discovery Institute

About Ocean Discovery Institute
Ocean Discovery Institute uses ocean science to empower young people from under-served urban communities to transform their lives, their community, and our world as scientific and conservation leaders. They deliver rigorous educational, scientific research, and environmental stewardship experiences that build curiosity, science understanding and skills, and leadership in under-served young people from kid to career.

  • Transforming lives: Against a national backdrop in which only 1-in-10 low income first-generation college students earn a degree, 8-in-10 of students in our high school programs earn a college degree within 5 years.
  • Transforming communities: In a state that ranks second to last in science test scores, 9 of the 13 schools we serve increased science test scores.
  • Transforming our world: We are a proud recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring.

Learn more about the Ocean Discovery Institute, and our other groups here.

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  • Patty Ochenduszko - May 10, 2016

    You are all awesome and I’m proud to know you and to say your are my friends. Hugs!!❤️

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