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Fish Pants [noun]

1. The most amazing thing to come from the Cali Paddler shop to date!
2. Yoga pants, made for paddlers, by paddlers, and a garibaldi fish named Gary.
Use in a sentence: These Fish Pants are the most EPIC thing I will ever wear!

These, high quality made in California Yoga Paddling Pants are sure to make the perfect complement to every craft you paddle on. Printed with the newest technology of sublimation printing, the colors are part of the fabric, and minimally fade when stretched. Gary Garibaldi can vouch for that, after all his face is on the pants! Comfortable above the “waist” fit, mid calve wear, these yoga pants will be perfect throughout the warm weather of the summer, and into the winter paired with the perfect water resistant jacket. Sure to make everyone do a double take when you wiz by. Made for women, but we are hearing soon to be worn by men!

Breathable, moisture wicking, UV protection material holds its shape and image when stretched. Flat lock seams provided for comfort and doesn’t rub when up against those gunnels, or sitting on that surski for 18 miles. Hidden key pocket in the back so as to not interfere with your reach, and high waist band allows for maximum coverage and comfort. Truly a pant made for all styles!

(Disclaimer: Hey you awesome water-women...please know that in an OC6 environment, there can be lots of friction, which may result in some loss of ink in the pants over time. The sublimated process is a printing of ink onto material which under harsh conditions can fade.)

This item is a Cali Paddler Cause Product! Our 5% Paddle Pledge for this products goes to Ocean Discovery Institute which works to introduce and educate kids to the ocean and its related science. Learn more.

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