About Us

Cali Paddler is built for paddlers, by paddlers. We invite you to see how we got our start and learn about the "3Cs". And how our mantra to Be E.P.I.C. is so much deeper than just a cool adjective! See what makes us unlike anything ever done before!

Our Goals & Mantra

  • Design and offer the coolest shirts, hats and paddling apparel in the state. Heck, even outside the state. But always keep it true to Cali, because that is who we are.
  • Help bring California's paddlers together. Regardless of craft, region or how fast you are.
  • Support conservation efforts to protect and preserve our waters. Through supporting the efforts of like-minded non-profits, and our own initiatives!
  • Connect the companies who make our watercraft, paddles and accessories, the store owners, and the paddlers.

Our Mantra: Be EPIC (Every Paddler In California).

Our Company Pillars

Every paddle craft. Every region.
Teammates and the competition.
First place or last...so long as you have a smile.

Our goal is to be E.P.I.C.
(Every Paddler In California)
and to support our amazing community.

Without our water, we are nothing!
If you are a Californian, you know the pride of
taking care of the environment.

Cali Paddler forms special partnerships and donates
5% of all proceeds to water-focused non-profit groups
in our great state. And beach/water cleanups too!

Connection to the craft we ride, the paddle we use,
the gear we wear, the waters we traverse, and
the people in our community.

Paddle vendor to novice, coaches to conservationists,
casual Yoga instructor to seasoned waterman.

Our goal is to help connect each other!

Are you a Cali Paddler?

 It doesn’t matter your experience level...
There is something magical about the first time you are introduced to paddling (and the bazillionth time too). The feeling of weightlessness. The inertia of each pull. Gliding along on a liquid surface. Exploring new areas. And the camaraderie of fellow paddlers. Whether you are just getting the stoke, or have a lifetime of paddling under your belt...you get it.


It doesn’t matter your craft...
Big Outrigger Canoes climbing up wave faces and small Outrigger Canoes riding the wakes of Surf-Skis; Prone paddleboards alongside Stand-up Paddleboards. You may paddle a kayak, or race dragon-boat. Your connection to the water and the bond with your chosen craft is legit. Ya...you get it.

All Paddle Craft

It doesn’t matter where you paddle...
Some get their workout on the Sacramento river, Tahoe or tranquil freshwater lakes. Perhaps you get your stoke in Newport Harbor or San Francisco Bay. Maybe you enjoy Santa Barbara downwind runs, San Diego summer swells or the wildlife sanctuary of Monterey Bay and the open ocean. Regardless of the Cali waters you paddle...you get it.
If you paddle...you get it!

Who We Are

Cali Paddler was founded by Clarke and Greg, two entrepreneurial friends and successful business owners. We met in 2010 as outrigger canoe paddlers and have worked together on several occasions to help start various paddling clubs, non-profits, social-minded events and paddling adventures. We believe in ethical business that supports quality causes. Cali Paddler began on a flight home after the Molokai Hoe as an idea for a t-shirt; which grew to a product line of quality designs, and then evolved into a paddling-minded community and lifestyle brand that 'did more than just sells shirts'. Greatly Inspired by companies like Patagonia and its 1% for the planet, and Ocean Minded, which brought environmental focus to many water related sports, we aim to do the same for paddling in California; whether it be Outrigger Canoe, Stand-up Paddle, Prone, Surf-Ski, Kayak, or Dragonboat.

Credits and Acknowledgments

So many helpful paddlers, wearing so many different hats. Cali Paddler would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has contributed with content, support, photography, suggestions, and overall good energy, as we embarked on this paddle. The list below does not begin to include everyone but is a beginning.

  • Photography, video and social media expertise and guidance provided by Breezy Gatavasky, who we lovingly refer to as the company's media mamma! If you need these professional services for your company, let us know and we will put you in touch.
  • Ashley, Paul G., Kim B. for your content contributions! For paddlers, by paddlers.
  • Sacha S., Jessica F., Maria S., Amy H. and Breezy G. for helping us make sure our products are what a female paddler wants and needs. Gavin H. Red P. and Phil S. for your QA skills.
  • Every paddler who we shared water time with, (sunsets and races; sweat and tears; mile 1 and mile 100).
  • Shout out to the Paddle Society which introduced us to how amazing it can be to have different craft side-by-side and paddled by people from all different backgrounds and groups. We are all paddlers.
  • Alex G, Nathan L, Nathan C, Mags, Coach Nath, you all have been amazing. Thank you for your energy and trust in what we are doing.
  • Many more to be listed soon...

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