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Cali Paddler and Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge team up to create an environmentally friendly paddle event.

January 09, 2018 Cali Paddler

Cali Paddler is proud to collaborate with the premiere winter race in Southern California, the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge on January 27 to help the event be as environmentally friendly as possible. Cali Paddler will be handling the collection and proper transfer out of recyclables at the event. Ensuring that paddlers have piece of mind after enjoying the day.

Our 2017 Holiday Letter To You, Our Paddle Family

December 20, 2017 Cali Paddler

Wow what a year 2017 has been! We want to share some of our highlights this year. Some you know about, some might be surprises! Thank you for being a part of history!
This has been the biggest year of growth for Cali Paddler to date. With more friends made and locations visited than ever before, the stage has been set for us to continue our biggest goal: To Be EPIC (Every Paddler In California).

Introducing the New Kahele OC1 by Puakea Designs

December 05, 2017 Cali Paddler

For those who have read our articles that explore the Ehukai vs. the KaheKai, and Ares vs. Anteres Impressions, you know we have always enjoyed learning about the the new innovations and trends in OC1 design. Well John Puakea and Puakea Designs has struck again with a new design, this time called the Kahele! Designed to be shorter and more maneuverable, ideal for small paddlers but still rideable for bigger paddlers due to some new design innovations. And better able to get in between the troughs! We can't wait to learn more and post as we get it from the...

Paddlechica and Cali Paddler Collaboration

November 06, 2017 Cali Paddler

Paddlechica and Cali Paddler Collaboration Announcement

When two online sources of paddling excitement meet, one of two things can happen. 1) They can compete for the same audience; or 2) They can unite and create something really special…together. And for those who know the energy of Paddlechica and Cali Paddler, it will come as no surprise that they chose the latter. Starting in November 2017, you will start to see some awesome authoring from each added to the other’s websites. Exposing more folks to the articles and excitement each website has created for the paddling communi

San Diego CoastKeeper Non-Profit Announcement for Quarter 3 Paddlers Pledge

August 14, 2017 Cali Paddler


San Diego CoastKeeperCali Paddler is excited to announce San Diego CoastKeeper is the newest recipient of the Paddle Pledge.

For those of us who paddle, whether it’s on a bay or lake, on a river or out in the giant blue ocean we know how important clean water is, not only to us but to the rest of the environment. As a community of paddlers, we are aware of the problems our waterways face when it comes to pollution. My home turf(water) is Mission Bay in San Diego. Anyone who knows San Diego knows about the trouble Mission Bay has had over the years with pollution. Nothing like being out on the bay in a canoe our on a SUP and thinking to yourself, “I’ll be fine as long as I don’t fall in”. That’s not the way I want to paddle. That’s why CaliPaddler is proud to partner with San Diego CoastKeeper.

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