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The reunion of a paddler to their stolen canoe - a feel good story!

December 02, 2018 Cali Paddler

On October 9th, a fellow paddler posted about one of the biggest bummers we could encounter. Cathy was visiting San Diego from Lake Havasu, and had left her canoe strapped to her roof. It was in a cover. It was cable locked. And it still managed to attract the attention of an evil thief who managed to cut it free and steal it. Imagine the sinking feeling when you walk to your car and see your beloved craft no longer there. A feeling of bewilderment and question must flood you: "Did I not have the canoe there?" "Is this even my car?" "Maybe a friend is playing a trick on me?"

But alas, the worst case scenario, was the actual scene. Someone stole it.

New Non-Profit Partner - Save Our Shores

October 09, 2018 Cali Paddler

Save Our Shores - Non-profit PartnershipAs part of our 5% Paddle Pledge, Cali Paddler regularly adopts new non-profit groups that care for our shorelines, waters and the wildlife that live there. We donate 5% of all sales proceeds to these groups during specified quarters. We are proud to announce our newest partnership and share with you all the amazing things they are doing. We proudly introduce...Save Our Shores!

Cali Paddler Visits Marine Mammal Center

August 22, 2018 Cali Paddler

Marine Mammal CenterCali Paddler recently had the honor of visiting the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA, our recent 5% Paddle Pledge Recipient. We presented our check and donation that all of your purchases helped contribute towards, and toured the amazing facilities. So much good work is done here to rescue, rehabilitate, and release stranded animals.  We were stoked to learn more and witness first hand the great work being done.

Announcing the CP Trash Pickup Challenge

June 08, 2018 Cali Paddler

Cali Paddler Trash Pickup Challenge
In honor of World Oceans Day, and moving forward, Cali Paddler is excited to kick-off a new challenge and program that aligns with our belief in stewardship and inspiring of others. One that many of you may already do, but we want to take it to the next level!
Introducing the CP Trash Pickup Challenge!

2018 Quarter 2 Paddler Pledge Recipient - Marine Mammal Center

April 02, 2018 Cali Paddler

Marine Mammal Center 5% Paddle PledgeThank you to Qiana Wylie of the Marine Mammal Center for taking the time to speak with us at Cali paddler and educating us on this amazing organization and the great work they do. We are excited to partner with them as the newest recipient of Cali Paddler's 5% Paddle Pledge.  As paddlers, we encounter marine life daily. I see plenty of sea lions and harbor seals while I'm out on the water. I have also seen my fair share of these animals tangled in plastic trash or fishing line. With the work of the Marine Mammal Center we can get these animals rescued, rehabilitated and back out in the wild. - Josh CP Director Non-Profit Relations
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