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Cali Paddler Clean-Up 2017


A corner-stone of what makes us all a Cali Paddler is our collective energy towards conservation. If you're reading this, you are no stranger to beach clean-ups, recycling, and phrases like "Leave only footprints".

One small family felt just the same way and after every surf session in So-Cal they would clean up their area and leave it better than they found it. When they discovered the sport of SUP, they took this concept even further to what has now grown into a movement. Taking the beach clean-up to the waterways to wage war against aquatic trash.

CALI PADDLER CONNECTION: Ernest Johnson & Paddle Republic California

Stand up paddling is a magical sport for those of us who love to do it.

It encompasses a multitude of unique styles, mild to wild equipment, fantastic and remote destinations, and of course some interesting people. From the SUPGrom to the wise elite there are so many reasons this mode of paddling gains it's loyal following.

What if I told you I met a guy who got into it because of a bet? And how about that same guy going on to represent a national brand called YOLO, then designing paddles and racing all over the world competing with top athletes in the water arena! 

Sounds like an EPIC bet to lose! 

EJ is our guest today and this man is as unique as they come in the sport, yet as down to earth as all of us.

Join us as we look inside the world of This SUP athlete and great guy.

In honor of the waterman legend himself, and the Dana Outrigger Canoe Club "Whitey Harrison" 9-man Race, we'd like to share with you all this fun little bit of nostalgia. Enjoy Cali Paddlers!

All rights reserved and respected. ArmorAll, ClassicCommercials4U, and the amazing family of this awesome paddler and waterman who we owe so much to in the outrigger community. Learn more about him!

Cali Paddler Connection: West Coast Paddle Sports (Bob Long)

Meet Bob Long of West Coast Paddle Sports and learn a little about the history of SUP in Southern California, and how California is an epicenter for Stand-Up Paddleboarding. He discusses who is on the cutting edge of current paddle design for racing, flatwater, and whitewater paddling. Bob also talks about the community of paddling. He gets it! |

Credits and Acknowledgements:

  • Video production editing and direction provided by the amazing Breezy Gatavasky. If you need similar work please let us put you in touch.

SundaySundaySunday Race Series Spotlight (Bob Long, West Coast Paddle Sports)

Kai Ko'o Paddles (Steve Barnes & James Gonzales)

Cali Paddler's Greggy, went on site with Steve Barnes and James Gonzales of Kai Ko'o Paddles, a San Diego based Outrgger Canoe and SUP paddle maker. Greggy dove in to what makes them tick, and they let us know what it means to be a Cali Paddler to them.  |

Credits and Acknowledgements:

Introduction to Cali Paddler (Greg and Clarke)

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