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CP Fitness - Shoulder Impingement

June 26, 2017 Cali Paddler

CP Fitness - Shoulder Impingement

[ CP Fitness welcomes again Shanimal Fitness to help us find solutions for shoulder pain caused by impingement. Enjoy! -CP ]

Paddlers and athletes who have shoulder impingement a lot of times will have surgery to unhinge or release the shoulder. Shoulder impingement is when a paddler lifts the arm and the humerus bone impinges or pinches the rotator cuff muscles under the coracoarcromial arch. This can cause tears in the rotator cuff. Usually if you go to a surgeon they want to do surgery, that is their job. Basically, the surgeon destabilizes the shoulder by removing very important structures at the top of the shoulder. So you have a shoulder that no longer impinges, but is now unstable as this ligament holds the top of the shoulder bones together. This then sets up a new problem that also beats up the rotator cuff.

CP Exlorations: Big Bear Lake

June 21, 2017 Bret Warner

Paddle Big Bear

Join us as we explore one of Southern California's most scenic lakes to paddle. Nestled among beautiful alpine backdrops and with a wonderful town beside it to quelch your post-paddle hunger, this SoCal Inland lake is as special as any place we have found. Take a gander with us the multiple launch spots, and great inside tips to ensure you have a great paddle experience here!

CP Reviews - The Paddle Dojo - Checking out what the hype is about

June 04, 2017 Cali Paddler

Paddle Dojo
If you paddle, you might have heard about The Paddle Dojo. A personalized stroke technique analysis lab featuring hi-tech and low-tech tools and a coach giving you his undivided attention. We wanted to see what all the excitement was about, and decided to send one of our Team Paddlers, Tony Fajardo there to get the full scoop. Enjoy this great recap of what you can expect should you have the chance to visit.

10 Tips to be a Better Paddler

May 18, 2017 Clarke Graves

Tips to Become a Better Paddler

We here at Cali Paddler are always striving to be better, and have more fun, on the water. Whether it is related to fitness, technique or attitude, there are many well documented ways to becoming a better paddler. However, some ways to improve your SUP, Prone, Outrigger Surf-Ski or Dragonboat performance are not as commonly known as others. We wanted to share the following top 10 tips to help you paddle better, and open up our Cali Paddler Treasure Chest of YOU! Enjoy

Letter to my beautiful kids ā€“ Before going to the Yukon River Quest ā€“ 444 miles

April 14, 2017 Cali Paddler

Yukon River Quest

A parent paddler, sharing his letter to his kids before his adventure...

"You have seen me going training countless hours in the past 6 months, you have seen me lost in dreams and thoughts and questions over this race, you have heard me tirelessly speaking about it, and you have seen me prepare my luggage today.

With this letter, maybe in a few years once you will have grown a bit more, you will be able to read the main reasons why I decided to do this challenge, what it means to me, and what in the process Iā€™d like you to humbly learn from me..."

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