Beach Cleanup Initiatives

Cali Paddler knows that we are strongest when we work together with common goals. We have created the following programs to help incentivize, encourage and ultimately support paddlers to help care for our beaches. Are you a team? Individual? Business? Contact us to team up today!

Blue Bucket Program


We feel there is something special about supporting individuals willing to do great things. So we will send kits or arrange pickups with any paddlers who would like a reusable bucket to use when they do cleanups. They are eye-catching blue so others on the beach see you and are inspired, easy to carry, and most importantly, re-usable so you don't have to use disposable plastic trash bags each time you make a difference. Contact us to get a kit!

In 2019 Puakea Designs joined us in this effort to supply these buckets to you, so be sure to look for their stickers on the side as supporters! Are you a like-minded company who wants to team up with us? Please inquire!

Cali Paddler Trash Pickup Challenge


In June 2018, In honor of World Oceans Day, and moving forward, Cali Paddler kicked-off a new challenge and program that aligns with our belief in stewardship and inspiring of others. One that many of you may already do, but we want to take it to the next level! Introducing the CP Trash Pickup Challenge!

For every mile we paddlers enjoy, let's commit to picking up one piece of trash. Do #cpCleanup in a photo post on social media of your mileage and equivalent trash haul (from the water or beach after) and watch how your actions will inspire others. And you just might be contacted to get a little surprise in the mail from us. Why? Because you deserve it!

So let's make this happen tribe! Whether its race day or a casual paddle. From this day forward, let's MAKE THE MILES REALLY COUNT!

Coordinated Clean-up Efforts

Race Partnerships - We work with races and teams to ensure recycling is present at races, and use our blue buckets as an easy to find place to properly dispose of non-landfill items. The Hanohano Ocean Challenge is a great example of this.

Learn more:

Cleanup Contests - In 2018 we worked with Kilohana OCC and NCOCA for their sprint regatta in NorCal to have a trash pickup team challenge. Each team was given a bucket at registration and prizes were awarded to most trash and most unique items found. Each team was allowed to keep their bucket afterward to keep at their site for impromptu pickups.

Statewide Coordinated Dates - Every year we have organized dates where groups from throughout the California  (and out of the state!) host beach cleanups with local individuals and business who adopt their home spots and make a difference.


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