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Cali Paddler Cleanup - Statewide July 5 2016

Join Cali Paddlers throughout the state for the 2nd Annual July 5th Beach and Waterway Cleanup efforts are going to be even more amazing as paddler efforts will span the state!

Cali Paddler Cleanup

How To Get Involved

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate! Sometimes we need a little effort the following day though to make sure our beaches, waterways and beautiful state are still pristine. Cali Paddlers understand this as much as anyone. And so we are working for the second year to promote a sense of stewardship July 5th. We encourage you all to join us,

  1. at several locations (see below)
  2. or along your home waters

to pickup trash and debris that negatively affects our waters and the animals that live in it. Get your teammates and family and make a difference while enjoying their great company, or go solo and listen to the sounds of the water. If you, your team or business want to setup something by you, contact us and we will help you make it happen! (* Please see disclaimer below)

What to bring

We ask that you bring your own gloves, trash bags or buckets, and picker upper device and a big ole smile. In some locations we will be outfitting the coordinators with our signature Blue Buckets, so look for those in lieu of using a plastic bag when available.

Social Media

As you pickup trash, we would be stoked to track you so sure to document with photos and posting to FB and IG. Please tag @Cali Paddler when possible, as well as the sponsoring teams and companies. And use the following hashtags, so we can track the collective efforts of the paddling community. #CaliPaddlerCleanup #CPBlueBuckets #IfYouPaddleYouCleanIt #Litterati.**

Also be sure to like our Facebook Event and invite others:

Locations and Times.

Cali Paddler Cleanups

More are being added by the minute so check back. If you don't see something by you, start one. Or just go out and make a little dent on your own schedule. It's what being a Cali Paddler is all about.


Muir Beach, Marin County
Map -

Cali Paddler Cleanup

Avila, San Luis Obisbo

Ventura Harbor

Mothers Beach, Long Beach

Cali Paddler Cleanups

Baby Beach, Dana Point

Crown Point, Mission Bay San Diego


* Disclaimer and Safety

These times and locations are unofficial gatherings and events. Cali Paddler and associated supporters (companies, clubs and individuals) are not responsible for any permit acquisition, city or state park requirements, or additional permissions needed. Please sign a release waiver when arriving and consider this website information to be acknowledgement of release of liability as well.

Please use caution picking up any items that might be sharp or otherwise dangerous. Bring gloves and wash your hands afterwards. Be safe!


** Learn more about Litterati here.

Thank you for being EPIC Cali Paddlers!!!

Who and what is Cali Paddler? Our Quest to be EPIC!

Cali Paddler is built for paddlers, by paddlers. We invite you to see how we got our start and learn about the "3Cs". And how our mantra to Be E.P.I.C. is so much deeper than just a cool adjective! See what makes us unlike anything ever done before!


As with our Cali Paddler Connections and other videos, we are fortunate and grateful to have the amazing Breezy, aka Social Media Mamma, take the reigns to help tell our story. If you have a video project in mind, we encourage you to consider her talents. Contact us.

Our Paddle Pledge just got even better! Cause Products with Ocean Discovery Institute

Cali Paddler Cause Product concept Launch

Cali Paddler is proud to honor what it calls the Paddle Pledge. Where 5% of all proceeds go to support and nurture non-profit groups that are aligned with coastal and waterway stewardship in our great golden state. This has been a cornerstone value since the beginning of our organization and always will. Period. Our tribe gets to help out wonderful groups through a simple purchase and learn about amazing organizations, while choosing where THEY want the portion of their purchase to positively impact California.

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Meet Team Paddler "Gary G"!

Gary Garibaldi
Hi folks, as you know, Cali Paddler is all about being EPIC (Every Paddler In California). And so it is with GREAT excitement that we introduce our newest Team Paddler....Gary Garibaldi! Read the bio here to learn more about this amazing talent. And check back to learn more about how he will be taking our cause efforts to the next level!

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Race the Lake of the Sky Postponed

One of California's premiere paddle races, The Race the Lake of the Sky, is being postponed until 2017. Located in one of our Best Places to Paddle, it is an amazing opportunity to hang out with fellow paddlers, camp, and enjoy the great scenery of Lake Tahoe. Plus it is multi-craft, which you know we love.

Cali Paddler had plans to join the party this year, and may still make the trek. As Sasha Unruh from West Coast Paddle Sports is quoted as saying, they are "still doing the Saturday night race on June 25th. So lets all show up for that and take part in what could be the biggest little race in the country." Great advice Sasha. Stay tuned for updates in case we head that way still and make a party of it all.

Racing in Tahoe

Press Release from the race organizers

Dear Race the Lake of the Sky Friends and Families,

The building that has housed South Tahoe Standup Paddle since 2010 has been sold and the new owner is renovating the property.  As you can imagine this has sent us scrambling to find a new location for our retail shop. The good news is that we are moving to 3135 Harrison Avenue, 2 blocks closer to El Dorado Beach.

The demands of moving and the tenant improvements required to establish business in our new location will not leave us enough time to produce Race the Lake of the Sky at the level of excellence it deserves.  Therefore, 2016 will be a “Leap Year” for Race the Lake of the Sky.  We look forward to producing the 5th annual event in 2017.

The South Tahoe SUP Series is scheduled to return for the sixth straight year on Saturday June 25th, July 30th, and August 27th.  More details to come!

Thank you for your continued support,

Chris, Jared & Robin
South Tahoe Standup Paddle

 Event website and more info can be found here:

Cali Paddler Sweatshirts and Contests Results!

Paddler Winter Sweatshirt Line-upWe are so stoked to introduce the fall/winter lineup for Cali Paddler Apparel and announce the winner to our Turkey Plucking Contest Drawing!

Congratulations to the winner who's entry was randomly drawn from all entries and you are the proud winner of an epic prize! You will be contacted shortly. Thank you to everyone who shared the contest, liked the pictures, and of course participated. Stay tuned for more fun ways to interact.

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Cali Paddler is now available at West Coast Paddle Sports

West Coast Paddle Sports
SAN DIEGO, California - November 13, 2015 - With the holiday season here, it is time to trek to your favorite paddle store and find the perfect gifts for your paddlers. Of course, while you are there, you can always shop for yourself too. Well, now Cali Paddle apparel can proudly be found in its first retail store. Just in time for that perfect paddle gift! Starting today, Cali Paddler has hats, visors, shirts and jerseys showcased for sale at West Coast Paddle Sports in San Diego.

As Cali Paddler continues its first year, they have worked hard to listen to feedback from paddlers. One of the common themes was wanting to see and try on products in-person. "We have enjoyed doing events as a vendor, because paddlers can feel first-hand how soft our shirts are, or see the quality of our embroidered hats. Now we can offer more people the chance to check out our products first-hand", Co-Founder Greg Gagnon explained...

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Leaving it better than we found it

Cali Paddler Leaving it Better
It is with great excitement that I have the honor of sharing some news about our 5% Paddle pledge. We are eagerly moving inch by inch in the direction of fulfilling some big dreams and accomplishment’s together as a tribe. Our first quarterly round of donations in early July to our 3 groups was a solid one after being in operation for just a short time. This second round, the ripple has grown folks!

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Be a Cali Paddler "Team Writer"

If you have read our stories, you probably know that we are passionate about paddling, and the waters we travel. We love to share our adventures, and showcase the sense of community that California paddling offers.

Update January 2017 - Get store credit for your contributions!

Every paddler has a voice, and stories to share. We would be thrilled to have you be a part of our team. We are looking for folks from all paddle craft (SUP, Prone, Outrigger, Dragonboat, Surf-Ski and Kayak) to send us your experiences and stories. Have you:

  • Conquered a challenge or long-term goal?
  • Experienced something magical with mother nature while on a paddle?
  • Pushed yourself beyond what you thought you could?
  • Met amazing people and shared hilarious stories?
  • Gotten marine biology experience and can explain what those cool animals we see are?
  • Tried a new paddle craft, used new equipment, or discovered a new trick?

Chances are there are thousands of paddlers who visit our site who would love to read about it. Be a Cali Paddler "Team Writer" today. Contact us and lets see what we can showcase for you.

Cali Paddler...For Paddlers, By Paddlers!


(Thank you to Nadine, Tony and Alex for your photo contributions above!)

Cali Paddler Beach Cleanup Success

Cali Paddler had a tremendous time this past Saturday as many of our tribe came out to join us and make a difference. On the morning of July 5th, over 25 paddlers got together in San Diego to pick up trash along the beach and waterways of Mission Bay. 13 full kitchen bags of trash were collected, much of it at low tide where the incoming waters would have swept it out to sea for fish, turtles and sea life to mistake for food.

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