Top 5 Reasons to Race at Stand Up For Clean Water 2017

We love a great race. We love the environment. Better yet, we love a race that supports the environment! One of our core company pillars, conservation, is always something we know our tribe loves to help with. So what if we told you there was a race in our great state that does just that? This upcoming April 22 is Earth Day so we were stoked to reach out to the Los Angeles Waterkeeper, organizers of Stand up for Clean Water, to learn more about why you really should do this special race.

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Top 5 Reasons to Race at Stand Up For Clean Water 2017

  1. Stand Up For Clean Water (SUP4CW) doubles as a standup paddle race and a benefit for local environmental nonprofit, Los Angeles Waterkeeper (LAW). LAW works to protect and restore the Santa Monica Bay, LA River, and all of the waterways throughout LA County. A lean staff of nine coordinates legal efforts to prevent water pollution and protect our coastal and inland waters, hands-on research and restoration initiatives, as well as advocacy campaigns to promote water conservation and recycling. LAW is a member of Waterkeeper Alliance, a global network of over 300 Waterkeeper Organizations fighting for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters for all. So when you participate in this race, you’re becoming part of an international movement to keep our ocean healthy, safe and clean!
  2. How often do you find yourself in Paradise Cove, Malibu? A semi-private beach, Paradise Cove is a unique hangout spot and certainly a rarely-paddled part of our coastline. Beachgoers frequent Paradise Cove to catch lunch at the Café and lounge on the sand, but it’s not common to see a paddler on the horizon. SUP4CW offers an exceptional opportunity to sprawl out on this often packed beach, and paddle a nearly untouched course! Plus, the highlight of the event—fresh seafood paella catered by Paradise Cove Beach Café for lunch!
  3. Not only is Paradise Cove a special place, its offshore counterpart is unique as well. SUP4CW takes place within a Marine Protected Area (MPA), a region of the ocean where consumptive activities, like fishing, are limited or restricted in order to nurture marine life or habitats. Recreational activities (like stand up paddling) are encouraged along MPAs, such as within the Point Dume State Marine Reserve where SUP4CW takes place. MPAs are the most ecologically important areas of the ocean, and LAW has worked for years to ensure LA County’s network of MPAs are as large and as meaningful as possible. SUP4CW 2017 specifically benefits LAW’s MPA Watch Program, which engages over 300 underserved youth and other volunteers in monitoring and studying our beautiful marine reserves.
  4. In addition to the race, lunch, and brews, registering for SUP4CW gives you access to a variety of beach games and water activities. The event organizers have put together the “Explore Your MPA” program in the afternoon, for guests to really get to know the area they’re paddling. Malibu Divers will be offering snorkeling sessions, Paddle Method will be hosting eco-tours on 360 Go Anywhere inflatable SUP boards, and Sand Sisters will be leading a seaside yoga class! Plus, local brewery Santa Monica Brew Works will be keeping the tap flowing all afternoon, so guests can have a cold beer while enjoying live music from a truly ridiculous local line up (check it out here) !
  5. Lastly, this event takes place on Saturday, April 22—EARTH DAY! What better way to show your appreciation for mother earth, than by coming out to a beautiful beach, enjoying the surf, and supporting LAW?

Excited to do this race now? We are excited for you to as well! Special just for you, please use the discount code ‘CALIPADDLER’ for $10 off race registration!

Stand Up for Clean Water


Special gratitude to SUPExaminer for connecting us!

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