West Coast Paddle Sports Store For Sale

Sad that such an amazing part of California's paddling community, Bob Long, will be leaving the retail shop, but encouraged to know Bob still plans to be present 'in the scene'. If anyone out there is interested in being an owner of a GREAT brick and mortar paddle shop, here is your chance. Full release and information below. -CP

April 3, 2017 - After almost 25 years in the surf and SUP and paddle industry Bob Long is going to retire and has decided to put West Coast Paddle Sports up for sale.  Bob would like to pass the reigns on to the next generation of paddlers to mind the shop. However, with this sale Bob also wants to offer an apprenticeship for the buyer. He wants to do his part to help the next owner to be as successful as he has been. West Coast Paddle Sports is located in one of the most heavily trafficked areas of San Diego with easy access to both Mission and San Diego Bays, this shop has been and still remains one of the most sought after facilities and has become known as the place that caters to all paddlers and has all the boards, paddles and gear they need. At over 1800 square feet with 16 foot ceilings in a warehouse setting, West Coast Paddle Sports offers the finest boards and paddles from the leaders in the SUP, Outrigger and Prone industry. The shop includes a workspace for customizing paddles and deck pads and making sure all customers needs can be handled in a clean professional environment. With all this square footage West Coast Paddle Sports has plenty of room for packing and shipping as well. West Coast Paddle Sports has become a destination for group gatherings and can also offer space for after paddle get togethers such as meetings, video screenings and guest lecturers.

If you are interested in more information regarding purchasing West Coast Paddle Sports please go to the following link.

or contact Bob and Sasha at West Coast Paddle Sports
4360 Morena Blvd Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92117
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