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April 04, 2017 Cali Paddler

In celebration of our 2 year birthday, Cali Paddler is proud to revisit our founding roots of non-profit and environmental alliances. Our 5% Paddler Pledge has always been a cornerstone of who we are as a company and it has always been a goal for us to reach and support as many groups as we can with every apparel item we sell. So it is very exciting to announce to everyone that we have added Josh Olson to our team in the official role of Director of Non-Profit Relations.

Director of Non-Profit Relations Josh Olson

Josh has been a supporter of our conservation and stewardship vision from the very start. Even when he and his wife had a newborn baby, they were with us at our beach clean-ups. It is part of his nature to seek out opportunities to make our waterways and beaches cleaner and healthier. So when the opportunity to add Josh to our team as our non-profit liaison became open, we were thrilled.

Director of Non-Profit Relations Josh Olson

With a background in the outdoor recreation industry, and diverse paddling resume from kayak training and certification to outrigger canoe racing, Josh knows what it is like to be a paddler. And how a company like Cali Paddler can make a difference given the right energy and passion. Josh will be taking on the role of seeking out amazing environmental groups in our state, and creating relationships with them. So we can promote their efforts, and share with all the paddlers in our state these great groups. In addition, we will be adding to our 5% Paddler Pledge recipient list, and Josh will be thoroughly researching these great groups, to ensure that your purchases are worthy of your donations with each product you buy.

Cali Paddler has had the honor of supporting such great groups as Keep Tahoe Blue, H20 Trash Patrol, Clean Oceans International, and the Ocean Discovery Institute. We are so excited to have Josh help continue to nurture those friendships, and create new ones as well.

If you have any questions for Josh, or a suggestion of a group Cali Paddler should align with, feel free to reach him at josh [at] And next time you see him at one of our cleanups or booths, let him know how stoked you are for his efforts!

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