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When two online sources of paddling excitement meet, one of two things can happen. 1) They can compete for the same audience; or 2) They can unite and create something really special…together. And for those who know the energy of Paddlechica and Cali Paddler, it will come as no surprise that they chose the latter. Starting in November 2017, you will start to see some awesome authoring from each added to the other’s websites. Exposing more folks to the articles and excitement each website has created for the paddling community.

Paddlechica and Cali Paddler Collaboration Announcement

“When I first read stories from Paddlechica, I knew I wanted to promote them and maybe someday feature her awesome stories on our site. Kristin is authentic and passionate about the paddle community and her topics cover things that paddlers want to discuss and read,” says Clarke Graves of Cali Paddler. “After meeting her in person at a race later on, I knew she was as awesome a person as her articles.”

After being featured on the Cali Paddler Podcast, “The Paddler’s Pulse”, and sharing her story, it was clear that the two companies were a great fit with each other. Both were intent on celebrating the awesome paddle community and giving it the content and attention they deserve.

“A friend of mine told me about Cali Paddler a few years ago and said I ‘had to meet them’,” shares Kristin when asked about how they came to meet in Long Beach a couple years back. “Thankfully, I saw their booth at the Long Beach Dragon Boat Race and got to meet the Cali Paddlers in person. They were so fun and genuine that I knew immediately I wanted to form some type of work relationship with them. Ever since then, we have been seeking out ways to support each other, and combine our efforts. We hope to unite our audiences, and build on the sense of community in the paddling world.”

Always intent to embrace the positive energy in paddling, they never felt a rivalry, but rather a kindred stoke for paddling. Based on this, readers can expect to see articles shared across the respective websites ( and starting in November 2017. Some content will be previous helpful articles, some written for exclusively for the other. Other collaborations are likely to follow. “If there is one thing we know, it is that paddlers tend to support other paddlers. And so paddle companies should support other paddle companies too. This is going to be EPIC!” Clarke enthusiastically shares.

Paddlechica and Cali Paddler Collaboration AnnouncementAbout Paddlechica and Kristin Stickels
Kristin, aka Paddlechica, is an avid dragon boater, outrigger paddler, and coach. She started Paddlechica as a way to answer some of the questions that fellow paddlers were asking after practice. Topics cover dragon boat, outrigger, and all things water-related, with an emphasis on team dynamics and individual growth. You can visit her at Ideas and suggestions for articles are welcomed, as well as comments and feedback.

Paddlechica and Cali Paddler Collaboration AnnouncementAbout Cali Paddler
Started by paddlers, with the goal of uniting all paddle craft, Cali Paddler is a lifestyle brand of paddle-themed apparel, and online hub for paddle articles, races, directories and reviews. Intent on making every paddle feel special and celebrated, they have a 5% Paddle Pledge to give back to various non-profits who care for the waters and beaches paddlers enjoy. Visit their website at to learn more.

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