Introducing Tevita and the CP Spotlight - Shining a light on those in our community

We are so honored to announce a renewed energy with our series the CP Spotlight. Brought to you in part by one of the most positive and energetic beings our sport could hope for, Tevita Moce. Building upon his past work with his "Humans Of Outrigger Canoe Paddling" project, Tevita will bring to us the stories of paddlers who inspire, overcome and help us appreciate the water with their stories. Some might be famous. Some might be under the radar. But all will be folks who deserve to have their tales told. People who fully understand how lucky we are to be paddlers in this great community, and foster our sport for all to enjoy.

CP Spotlight

It is our hope to share so that as you travel the state, and make new friends, each waterway has someone you know. People who welcome you with a paddle and craft and local knowledge. And to help spotlight the pioneers throughout the state who helped make paddling what it is today. Thank you for being a part of our effort to "make California feel small again"!*

A little bit about Tevita, who will be helping steer this journey...

Tevita MoceA transplant from the Fiji Islands, deep in the South Pacific, Tevita settled roots initially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he picked up his passion for outrigger canoe paddling. And it has been about connecting with his Pacific and water culture, while far away from home.

"The Bay Area to me is about environmental awareness and progress brought on by technology. Think "Flower Power" movement of the 60s, demonstrations at Berkeley through the years, the "Black Panther" movement of Marin County, the Pride/LGBTQ movement synonymous with San Francisco .. And then there is the so-called "Silicon Valley", where most of the tech companies that have transformed the way we think, communicate and do things are located. All of this have lent in some way to my growth as a human and consciousness."

Currently residing in the desert, in the Palm Springs area, Tevita has brought his passion for outrigger canoe paddling to a good cause by raising awareness to the imminent decline of the Salton Sea and its possible consequences by being the co-founder of the nonprofit, SEAthletes ( Who would have imagine seeing outrigger canoes in the middle of the desert! This has also lead to the formation of the paddling program in the desert ( &

Outrigger canoe paddling is not only a way of life, but a chance to reconnect and share our Pacific way of life with our friends and community.

Check out his blog on paddlers under "Human of Outrigger Canoe Paddling" on Facebook.

* Mike Irete from Santa Cruz coined this phrase to sum up our CP Retreat in 2017, and we will continue to make it happen as best we can.

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