Meet Team Paddler "Gary G"!

Hi folks, as you know, Cali Paddler is all about being EPIC (Every Paddler In California). And so it is with GREAT excitement that we introduce our newest Team Paddler....Gary Garibaldi! Read the bio below to learn more about this amazing talent. And check back to learn more about how he will be taking our cause efforts to the next level!

Gary Garibaldi Team Paddler

Hi paddling friends! My name is Gary. I am a Garibaldi fish hatched-and-raised in California waters. And I love paddling soooo much! Ever since I was a little fish I knew there was something different about me. The other fish would joke about my birthmark scale that was in the shape of a paddle blade, and call me "paddlefish". But I liked the name. I would see canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards above me and was always curious. They were quiet compared to the scary engine boats. And the people on the craft were always smiling. Sometimes I would see paddlers come by and pick up trash. My friend Gina was once stuck in a plastic bag. A paddler came and freed her. I knew at that moment I wanted to be their friends.

For fun, us fish will sometimes throw seaweed roped onto the paddles of the people, or on the leashes and rudders to catch a ride. Paddlers would always take it off though. But next time it happens, just know it's prolly me doin a down-fin-der run! :)

One time, I just HAD to know what it was like to be a paddler, so I jumped up high in the air when a canoe was going by. I landed in the canoe and did my best to make friends. Everyone just screamed though. Especially the guys. Weird. So I 'bailed'.

Gary Garibaldi Team Paddler Fish

Recently on Fishbook, I saw a post by Cali Paddler that they were looking for new team paddlers to represent Every Paddler In California. I sent in a letter via Sea-Snail-Mail, and they wrote back saying that I am just the kind of enthusiastic paddler they want. That I was "a real catch"! So yeah, I'm little. And orange. And holding a paddle is tricky with my fins. But you won't find a more stoked fish in the sea than me. Thanks for letting me make a splash by joining you all...I'm hooked! And remember, these waters are my home too. So lets work together to keep em clean!

Gary Garibaldi


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Cali Paddler would like to give a special heartfelt shout out to Megs Phillips, who helped bring Gary to life. If you haven't read her articles or seen her talented paddler drawings, you are missing out. Thank you Megatron!

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