Cali Paddler Cleanup - Statewide July 5 2016

Join Cali Paddlers throughout the state for the 2nd Annual July 5th Beach and Waterway Cleanup efforts are going to be even more amazing as paddler efforts will span the state!

Cali Paddler Cleanup

How To Get Involved

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate! Sometimes we need a little effort the following day though to make sure our beaches, waterways and beautiful state are still pristine. Cali Paddlers understand this as much as anyone. And so we are working for the second year to promote a sense of stewardship July 5th. We encourage you all to join us,

  1. at several locations (see below)
  2. or along your home waters

to pickup trash and debris that negatively affects our waters and the animals that live in it. Get your teammates and family and make a difference while enjoying their great company, or go solo and listen to the sounds of the water. If you, your team or business want to setup something by you, contact us and we will help you make it happen! (* Please see disclaimer below)

What to bring

We ask that you bring your own gloves, trash bags or buckets, and picker upper device and a big ole smile. In some locations we will be outfitting the coordinators with our signature Blue Buckets, so look for those in lieu of using a plastic bag when available.

Social Media

As you pickup trash, we would be stoked to track you so sure to document with photos and posting to FB and IG. Please tag @Cali Paddler when possible, as well as the sponsoring teams and companies. And use the following hashtags, so we can track the collective efforts of the paddling community. #CaliPaddlerCleanup #CPBlueBuckets #IfYouPaddleYouCleanIt #Litterati.**

Also be sure to like our Facebook Event and invite others:

Locations and Times.

Cali Paddler Cleanups

More are being added by the minute so check back. If you don't see something by you, start one. Or just go out and make a little dent on your own schedule. It's what being a Cali Paddler is all about.


Muir Beach, Marin County
Map -

Cali Paddler Cleanup

Avila, San Luis Obisbo

Ventura Harbor

Mothers Beach, Long Beach

Cali Paddler Cleanups

Baby Beach, Dana Point

Crown Point, Mission Bay San Diego


* Disclaimer and Safety

These times and locations are unofficial gatherings and events. Cali Paddler and associated supporters (companies, clubs and individuals) are not responsible for any permit acquisition, city or state park requirements, or additional permissions needed. Please sign a release waiver when arriving and consider this website information to be acknowledgement of release of liability as well.

Please use caution picking up any items that might be sharp or otherwise dangerous. Bring gloves and wash your hands afterwards. Be safe!


** Learn more about Litterati here.

Thank you for being EPIC Cali Paddlers!!!

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