Leaving it better than we found it

"Whatever your chosen aquatic playground is… leave it better than you found it. Please."
~Sincerely, Your Beaches & Waterways.

Cali Paddler strives to leave a healthy footprint

Across our amazing state you can see lakes and rivers lead to bays and oceans. All of which we enthusiastically share as our aquatic playgrounds. Included in that play, comes the responsibility of stewardship we all share to them as well. To leave a positive footprint wherever we paddle. If you haven’t already read about the Grumpy old guy on the beach I met…check it out here. You can see where the conservation focus our company is derived.

So, with another 3 months on the books, it is with great excitement that I have the honor of sharing some news about our 5% Paddle pledge. We are eagerly moving inch by inch in the direction of fulfilling some big dreams and accomplishment’s together as a tribe. Our first quarterly round of donations to our 3 groups was a solid one after being in operation for just a short time.

This second round… we DOUBLED the amount of contribution to EACH of our groups! That’s right “double double” like an In-N-Out burger.

Working to support great causes like H2O Trash Patrol, The Clean Oceans Project, and The League to Keep Tahoe Blue is a gift that keeps on giving. Each and every one of you paddlers, and your supporting purchases, act as a ripple that builds to affect a greater cause that we all get to enjoy in the end.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Stay tuned for 2016 as we plan to work with some new California based organizations and give you, our tribe, an opportunity to vote on them!

With this level of growth I can see that our dream of a “Cali Paddler Cleanup Day” is looking way sooner than expected! So Stoked! How exciting will it be to see our tribe band together statewide with the enthusiasm to act locally, and pull off the single largest cleanup day the Golden State has ever seen. And all of it built and made possible by you, by us paddlers!

Eco-Warriors standing proud with paddles raised high, eager to wage war on those things which threaten the delicate playgrounds we love.

I am humbly grateful for all you do to support.

Thank you

p.s. One more neat thing to share! If you have seen us at events, rather than hand you a business card, we will sometimes give you a Cali Paddler bracelet to proudly wear with our slogan and website on it. Well, every footprint we make, we are trying to do our part to make it an eco-friendly one, so know that from now on, we have switched our bracelets to 100% recycled silicone bracelets. That's right. You are wearing something to be even more proud of...because you get it!

Eco-Friendly Paddle Bracelets

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