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If you have read our stories, you probably know that we are passionate about paddling, and the waters we travel. We love to share our adventures, and showcase the sense of community that California paddling offers.

Update January 2017 - Get store credit for your contributions!

Every paddler has a voice, and stories to share. We would be thrilled to have you be a part of our team. We are looking for folks from all paddle craft (SUP, Prone, Outrigger, Dragonboat, Surf-Ski and Kayak) to send us your experiences and stories. Have you:

  • Conquered a challenge or long-term goal?
  • Experienced something magical with mother nature while on a paddle?
  • Pushed yourself beyond what you thought you could?
  • Met amazing people and shared hilarious stories?
  • Gotten marine biology experience and can explain what those cool animals we see are?
  • Tried a new paddle craft, used new equipment, or discovered a new trick?

Chances are there are thousands of paddlers who visit our site who would love to read about it. Be a Cali Paddler "Team Writer" today. Contact us and lets see what we can showcase for you.

Cali Paddler...For Paddlers, By Paddlers!


(Thank you to Nadine, Tony and Alex for your photo contributions above!)

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  • Trevor Harding - May 31, 2018

    Hello. I paddle board a lot on lake natoma located in Rancho Cordova CA which is about 20 miles form Sacramento. The lake has tons of baby egrets nests that you can atucly paddle under. You can see anabolic hear the babies. So amazing. Also we have 4 CA Brad eagles that live in a cave above the lake. So amazing to watch.and there sis a small swamp you can explore. To get to th swamp you have to paddle through a bike tunnel. Inside the swamp you find Roman of creatures and wildlofe. Would this be a type of paddle story you would like to hear?
    We also have the Folsom prison near us. You can paddle very

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