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10 Salton Sea Paddler Questions - Answered

January 31, 2016 Clarke Graves

Salton Sea SUPLast March when we first met up with the organizers of the upcoming North Shore Xtreme, the first ever paddle race at the Salton Sea, Greg and I had lots of questions. And we are pretty sure you have the same questions. So we thought we would share with you what we learned as I paddled OC2 that day, and Greg SUP'd during a subsequent visit. Hopefully, anyone who is 'on the fence' about going to the race, can benefit from the 10 paddler questions and answers below. :)

Litterati - An inspiration for Cali Paddlers to unite and be awesome

January 26, 2016 Clarke Graves

Cali Paddler Litterati
Imagine taking the trash that we see, and pick up each time we go to the beach or waterways, and cataloging it. Imaging being able to track what it was, where you found it, when you picked it up. Imagine being able to assemble all this data and present it to the companies who design their products, so they can see their impact, and consider changes to packaging, or somehow reduce their litter footprint. Now, imagine each person being able to do this in seconds using their smartphone. TIMES A MILLION!


January 09, 2016 Greg Gagnon

H2O Trash PatrolA corner-stone of what makes us all a Cali Paddler is our collective energy towards conservation. If you're reading this, you are no stranger to beach clean-ups, recycling, and phrases like "Leave only footprints".

One small family felt just the same way and after every surf session in So-Cal they would clean up their area and leave it better than they found it. When they discovered the sport of SUP, they took this concept even further to what has now grown into a movement. Taking the beach clean-up to the waterways to wage war against aquatic trash.

Cali Paddler Explorations: Drying Up (with Chase Kosterlitz)

November 30, 2015 Cali Paddler

California Waterway ExplorationsWe are grateful to have explorers like Chase Kosterlitz, who are not only fantastic paddlers and people, but who are also willing to explore our California waters and draw attention to the conservation efforts that are needed. Chase teams up with Chris Olivias and BIC SUP in this video to explore California's second largest reservoir to see the impact the drought is having on our waterways and paddle playgrounds. Beautiful. Dramatic. Impactful.

"It's hard to paddle (survive) without water. This past June we set out to document some of the waterways hardest hit by the current west coast drought. Here is our story. " - Chase

Cali Paddler Explorations: Brent Allen Outside

September 04, 2015 Cali Paddler

Brent Allen Outside
Cali Paddler is proud to showcase and highlight the wonderful sense of exploration Brent Allen has for our state's beautiful coastlines. With a sense of stewardship through his coordination of beach and waterway cleanups, and his respect for sea life by promoting and teaching safe distance paddle techniques (did you know its helpful to seek out kelp beds during whale breaching episodes to help keep a safe distance?) Brent has become a favorite of Cali Paddler. He has no shortage of amazing up close nature experiences to share with us and remind us how important it is for Cali Paddlers to respect and nurture the waters we love. He offers paddle tours of the Monterey area and is a great resource to contact next time you want to explore our wild coastlines in a safe and respectful manner with an experienced tour guide. He will take you places you never dreamed of. Enjoy the videos below to see what we mean!
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