Cali Paddler Explorations: Drying Up (with Chase Kosterlitz)

November 30, 2015 Cali Paddler

California Waterway ExplorationsWe are grateful to have explorers like Chase Kosterlitz ( who are not only fantastic paddlers and people, but who are also willing to explore our California waters and draw attention to the conservation efforts that are needed. Chase teams up with Chris Olivias and BIC SUP in this video to explore California's second largest reservoir to see the impact the drought is having on our waterways and paddle playgrounds. Beautiful. Dramatic. Impactful.

"It's hard to paddle (survive) without water. This past June we set out to document some of the waterways hardest hit by the current west coast drought. Here is our story. " - Chase

Drying Up from Water Monkey on Vimeo.

California and much of the western United States are experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. Follow us as we explore some of the waterways affected. Shot and edited by Chris Olivias.

This is part of our Cali Paddler Explorations Series. We have the ambitious goal of paddling and sharing every body of water in our great state. We would love for you to share with us something by you and help us continue quest!


Chase Kosterlitz - I live in San Diego, California where I surf, hike and train in between traveling around the world looking for adventure. I got into water sports as a professional kiteboarding and stand up paddle instructor, where I learned to kiteboard in 2005 and began stand up paddling in 2008.

After a collegiate basketball career, I became an avid water sports enthusiast–dedicated to living and promoting an active lifestyle on the water. This passion led me to establish my Florida-based business, Water Monkey in order to promote this lifestyle.  In five years of competition I have several championship titles and multiple wins across the United States and around the world.  In addition to competition I enjoy writing and traveling to find new and challenging places to paddle, surf, kitesurf and explore.

I am also the president and founder of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association (SUPAA).  In January 2014 SUPAA was launched with the mission to help promote excellence in the sport of stand up paddling.  In pursuing this mission, SUPAA seeks to establish organizational standards to improve the quality of events and instruction, promote rules to ensure fair competition and endeavor to establish a standard of excellence in all aspects of stand up paddling. For more information visit

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