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Cali Paddler is proud to showcase and highlight the wonderful sense of exploration Brent Allen has for our state's beautiful coastlines. With a sense of stewardship through his coordination of beach and waterway cleanups, and his respect for sea life by promoting and teaching safe distance paddle techniques (did you know its helpful to seek out kelp beds during whale breaching episodes to help keep a safe distance?) Brent has become a favorite of Cali Paddler. He has no shortage of amazing up close nature experiences to share with us and remind us how important it is for Cali Paddlers to respect and nurture the waters we love. He offers paddle tours of the Monterey area and is a great resource to contact next time you want to explore our wild coastlines in a safe and respectful manner with an experienced tour guide. He will take you places you never dreamed of. Enjoy the paddling videos below to see what we mean!

For more information about Brent Allen Outside please see here:

Mobile: 831-233-0078

October 30, 2015 - Stand Up Paddle Odyssey, Monterey Bay, CA with Brent Allen Outside
The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary is one of the most dynamically beautiful locations in the world for stand up paddle. The topography both above ground and below the ocean are breath taking. Follow along as we roll out several of the locations Brent Allen Outside has explored and shares with his stand up paddle adventures around the Monterey Peninsula. This video was edited and footage provided by Brett Roseberry. Drone footage was also provided by George Krieger

August 23, 2015 - Exploring the Big Sur Coast on Stand Up Paddle with Brent Allen Outside
After looking at maps for a couple of years, took the opportunity to take 14ft. Pearson Coast-runners down the coast. After recently paddling the Monterey Peninsula with Harrison Deisroth, it was time to move farther South down the coast while the ocean was still mellow. This was a classic open water adventure with whales, sea caves, tunnels, huge kelp beds, steep cliffs, wind, and a big dose of California awesome .

August 15, 2015 - Paddling the Monterey Penninsula

August seems to be the flattest time of the year for the Monterey Bay. I took the opportunity to guide what is now the youngest person to Stand Up Paddle this stretch of ocean Harrison Deisroth 15 years old from Monterey, CA. (16 miles) Not many kids or adults are comfortable to cover that much ocean in this area of central California. Read his adventure recap here.

We started our paddle at the commercial pier of the fisherman's wharf in Monterey, CA and with 3 GoPro cameras shot our 6 hour adventure.

The Monterey bay marine sanctuary is packed with marine life .We had only paddled moments before a huge humpback whale popped up at the coast guard pier in Monterey. Many areas around the peninsula had thick schools of bait fish. We had many encounters with Humpback Whales feeding, sea otters, sea lions, harbors seals, and sea birds. Respect marine wildlife and keep your distance. Many marine mammals will move toward you if you just stop. Whales always have the right of way. Big Mahalo to Rob and Emily, Clifbar, Kialoa Paddles, Elemental herbs, GoPro, Pearson/surftech Stand Up Paddle boards, and O'Neill wetsuits. Help keep the Monterey Bay clean of plastics and trash, we only have one.

August 7, 2015 - Paddling with a purpose at Point Lobos
Paddleboarders cleaned up plastic trash from kelp beds around Point Lobos State Park.

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. In February of 2015 I met with Alison Goss of the Surfrider Foundation Monterey Chapter about doing a clean up from Stand Up Paddle Boards. One of California's most beautiful coastal state parks Point Lobos gets windblown plastics and trash pushed into its northern side (Kelp beds) Whalers Cove and Blue fish Cove.

After months of planning and doing SUP training sessions with the Surfrider Crew we finally made it happen 8/7/2015

8/5/2015 - Dolphin Day * Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary
Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle. Bottle Nose Dolphins, Risso Dolphins, and a school of stingrays. Paddling with me Harrison Deisroth of Monterey.

Fall 2014 - SUP Magic Carpet Ride

This is an extended version of the most magical day I've had in the Ocean (sorry for the condensation in some of the shots). Fall 2014 paddling out with 20 humpback whales feeding. It is what I call a nature endorphin overload. I'm still mesmerized by the experience. 2 primary rules in the ocean -1.Never turn your back on the ocean and 2. Keep space with marine mammals (especially whales). I have spent a lot of time in this area of the ocean and understand what is below the water line. Safe spots and "this isn't good" locations. Be safe and respect the ocean -Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle Adventures Carmel by the sea, CA. Music: Into the wild -Hard Sun -Eddie Vedder

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This is part of our Cali Paddler Explorations Series. We have the ambitious goal of paddling and sharing every body of water in our great state. We would love for you to share with us something by you and help us continue quest!

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