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CP Review - SUPerior by Motionize

SUPerior Motionize Review

A review of the SUPerior motion sensor by Motionize. You might have heard about this product with their recent collaboration behind the innovative force at QuickBlade who will be embedding this sensor in QB paddles. Pretty cool! In our case, the stand-alone product is what we have our hands on and we are excited to see how the product not only helps us analyze our stroke and paddling effort when paddling SUP, but improve it! Does it get in my way when I switch sides? Was the weight noticeable? Was it easy to setup before, and use during a paddle? I was excited to get on the water and see how it stacked up against other products.

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CP Review - RinseKit


Rinse Kit for Review Paddlers
A RinseKit Review for Paddlers! We admit, we have been wondering why these were so popular for awhile now. I mean, bringing a jug of water and maybe a little water bucket to dip my feet into has served us just fine. But we also know that there are days when its the whole family, and we have multiple craft and feet to clean off before getting in the car. And pouring the water just right to maximize was an acrobatic art form that looked pretty ridiculous and usually led to me falling over (#ifyoupaddleyougetit). So, Cali Paddler reached out to their friends at Better Surf than Sorry to borrow one of the RinseKits they sell, and test it out.

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CP Review - ShoreStand - SUP and Prone Paddleboard Holder Stand

ShoreStand ReviewJoin Cali Paddler as we review a product that we couldn't wait to try out and add to our paddle accessories. If you have ever paddled SUP or prone, this promises to be helpful. The product is called the ShoreStand. A portable and collapsible stand for your board to keep it from dinged up or scratched on the ground. Check out our thoughts below.

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