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Rinse Kit for Review Paddlers

A RinseKit Review for Paddlers! We admit, we have been wondering why these were so popular for awhile now. I mean, bringing a jug of water and maybe a little water bucket to dip my feet into has served us just fine. But we also know that there are days when its the whole family, and we have multiple craft and feet to clean off before getting in the car. And pouring the water just right to maximize was an acrobatic art form that looked pretty ridiculous and usually led to me falling over (#ifyoupaddleyougetit). So, Cali Paddler reached out to their friends at Better Surf than Sorry to borrow one of the RinseKits they sell, and test it out.

[A quick walk-through of the unboxing, setup and RinseKit in action... Full review below]


Full-disclosure, I was pretty skeptical beforehand, so consider this a real paddler's review. When it comes to most of my paddle toy accessories, I either make it, or take the poor-man's approach and convince myself it isn't worth the money. In other words, I am a tight-wad. So imagine my surprise when after just one day of borrowing the thing, rinsing my craft, and chasing my poor dog around the yard, I felt like my next letter to Santa HAD to be for a RinseKit. Yes. I now really really want one. But why? Several reasons.

  1. Under Pressure. The pressure is more useful than I realized. Mud on the canoe after sitting in the sun a few minutes. Spraying upwards to I don't have to flip my board over. Cleaning a surf-ski without having to walk the entire length. All of this is possible when you have something with pressure.
  2. Ease of use. Time is precious, so the idea of spending forever getting the RinseKit all setup and filled, when I can put that time to actually paddling was a fear. But filling it was a snap (literally because the nozzle just snaps on to a water spigot), and I was ready to rinse in seconds.
  3. Good for the soles. Rinsing off the craft is one thing, but my family and I can now avoid that silly dance as we pour water from a water bottle onto our sandy feet. Fearing that the water we have will run out soon unless we put one foot literally on top of the other to catch every drop. And don't even bring up the dog getting clean. Before we just wrapped him in towels and hopes he would not shake too much. But with the RinseKit, every drop is directed right were it needs to be, and none is wasted.
  4. Love thy craft. I'm more likely to care for my craft and rinse it after if its easy. Let's face it, the water we paddle on, especially salt water, is not good for our craft if not rinsed off. Rudder cables snap when left with corrosive salt-water (how to replace your rudder cable), and boards lose their luster. Not to mention the occasional funk that makes your garage stink if you don't give your craft a bath. So if it is easier to actually wash up after, then you are more likely do it. And the RinseKit helps with that.

Rinse Kit for Review Paddlers

So, all in all I am a big fan, and honestly was pretty sad to return the RinseKit. My wife has now added it to her list of romantic gifts she wants, so in true paddler fashion, my next anniversary gift will likely be a RinseKit. It was super handy to have, and something I wish I had tried sooner. After all, I can only try to put my slippahs or shoes on after the beach with sandy feet so many times before I bring home half the beach. And I am tired of the handles breaking on my used water bottles I keep in the trunk and leaking everywhere.


  • Being able to direct the water instead of holding a jug above the item is amazing!
  • You don't have to flip the craft over to rinse if ou have it setup on stands! Just aim the sprayer up. I know right!?!?!
  • Doesn't take up much room but holds a good amount of water.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Functions as a stool/chair. You might not think this is important, but when you take your booties off, or just want to relax with a cold one after a long hard paddle, a handy chair is a pretty sweet bonus.
  • California company success story, gotta love that!


  • User error but when I forget to turn off the water on the handle and then disconnect, I sprayed myself. Twice.
  • The cost is pretty reasonable, but if you are paddling on the cheap, and trying to save up for your next race board or OC1, then you have to set aside a few quarter rolls to pay for your RinseKit.

MSRP - $89.95

Demo Kit provided by Better Surf Than Sorry
Official RinseKit Website - http://www.rinsekit.com


Cali Paddler Team Writer Clarke Graves

Team Writer Clarke Graves - If there is water, he will paddle it (regardless of craft). Clarke is a surfer turned paddler who grew up in San Diego but has traveled every corner of California enjoying its beauty and appeal. He has had the privilege of racing SUP, OC6, OC2, OC1, Prone and can't wait to hop into a dragon boat and surf-ski for an extended length of time.

One of Clarke's goals is to paddle as much shoreline in California as he can, with as many paddling friends who are willing to join him. If you have an idea for Clarke to write about or any questions, send it our way and we will pass it along!

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