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ShoreStand ReviewEvery so often Cali Paddler comes across a product that we can't wait to try out and review for you. And if you have ever paddled SUP or prone, this will be helpful. The product is called the ShoreStand. A portable and collapsible stand for your paddleboard to keep it from getting dinged up or scratched on the ground and to rinse after a paddle.

Features: Glossy high quality UV resistant plastic. Foam padding in needed locations. Beveled end-caps to keep you from dinging board. Collapsible design makes it super portable. Also includes reusable fabric bag to hold stand in, or take to grocery store and a sticker.

Ease of use:
It takes seconds to set it up. And most importantly, can be done with one hand while you hold your board in the other. This is key because you are likely going to be walking up to your car with your board in-hand and want to set this up without having to put your board down, which would defeat the purpose.

Because it is plastic, it will not rust or weather. It is UV resistant too, so the sun won't compromise it's integrity if left outside all the time. Strong enough to hold the weight of any board we tried with it.

ShoreStand Review

Anyone who paddles has probably designed or seen a homemade pvc solution on the beach that someone came up with. And while those are sometimes pretty cool, those always look homemade, or have their own shortcomings. This one solves several issues I have come across with those solutions:

  • No assembling needed each time. Just open it up in three motions (Flip back stand. Open left cradle. Open right cradle).
  • Minimal space. Easy to collapse into a flat shape.
  • Looks professionally made. Even has high quality foam to protect the board that does not appear to be water absorbent (which is important when washing your board, not having some sponge-like stand to put in your car after).

Added bonus, I even found I could set my paddle on the top of the cradles against the board, if you are like me and like to keep it off the ground.

It appears to be very sturdy, even with a very wide surf SUP that extended well beyond the height of the stand. We also tested with a stock Prone, and 12'6" race SUP. I would still be careful in a super windy setup, not because the stand is faulty, but because the board could catch wind like a parachute and spin.

It retails online at www.shorestand.com for $49.95.

With CA sales tax ($4.00) and shipping ($14.00) it came to $67.95 final cost.

I was told by the rep at ShoreSand It is also available in retail stores like West Coast Paddle Sports, Better SUP than Sorry and Paddle Planet with more to come. So you can check it out in person, and save on the shipping.

ShoreStand Review


  • Lightweight(under 3 lbs)
  • Portable (folds flat when stowed away)
  • Easy to use, even one handed
  • UV resistant
  • Reasonably priced.
  • California based company
  • Does not fit entirely in the bag, with part of the stand sticking out. Not so much to keep from using the handle however so it still functions.
  • Can not handle a board thickness of over 6" as that is the depth of the two cradles. I have yet to see a board that it didn't accommodate though as we tried several one day after a paddle. ShoreStand told me they are looking at a second xl model to accommodate thicker boards.
Final Thoughts

I have to say, I am very impressed with this product. We have designed and used a few homemade versions in the past, but it was not this slick. High quality construction with non-absorbent foam and a carrying bag make this a pretty good deal for your money. It stores in a pretty small space, and works for all the boards we tried it with.

Throw in the fact that ShoreStand is a California company, and started by a paddler, we couldn't be more stoked to recommend this product. Oh, and we almost forgot, it comes in a pizza box! #itsbetterthanpizza

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