Paddler Race Recap: Ta-Hoe Nalu 2015

CP: Hi Marie, thanks for taking the time to share with us your recent weekend of paddling and racing up at Lake Tahoe at the TA-HOE NALU race. A lot of us have heard great things about this event and wanted to get your thoughts about it since we didn't get a chance to make it there in person. With race divisions for SUP, Prone, Outrigger and Surf-Skis, there is something for everyone...all set in a picturesque setting...our kind of event!

CP: What race(s) did you do?
Marie: I raced the 10 mile course on my OC1- The course took us across the state line, I could say i paddled from California to Nevada and back.:)

CP: Have you paddled at Lake Tahoe before? What were your impressions of it?
Marie: Yes, leisurely during a camping trip 2 years ago on the south side of the lake, I remembered it being one of the most spectacular places I had ever seen so I was super excited to finally race there.

CP: What, if any differences have you noticed between fresh water and salt water?
Marie: It is harder to get my hull speed up in fresh water than salt water.

CP: How about the altitude? Did you notice that as a factor?
Marie: For me personally I didn't think it affected me too much.

CP: With our state facing such tough drought conditions, a lot of our lakes are pretty low. Including Tahoe. That said, seeing it first-hand can re-enforce how important our conservation efforts are in all locations. Did you notice the lake being low? Did this play a factor in the race courses?  

Marie: It was my first time on the north side of Lake Tahoe and from what I was told the course was the same as the year before.

The race start was a hundred feet from shore and we had to walk our oc1s and SUPs out to be able to get any kind of depth without damaging our rudders. It is imperative that our personal efforts and efforts of organizations like Cali Paddler continue to raise awareness on conserving our bodies of water, so that we and generations to come can enjoy paddling our beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans.

CP: In addition to the race, what were some of the other events throughout the weekend you watched and took part in?

Marie: I was only there for a day which I ended up regretting right away.

Saturday started with the 10mile races then followed by a delayed start of the 2 mile beginners SUP race. They was also a watermen challenge for all ages later that day, even though I didn't participate in that it was so fun to watch.

They had SUP demos, entertainment and really cool vendors, There was something for everyone.

CP: Any folks you saw paddle there that you wanted to give special shout-outs to for great races and positive welcoming attitudes?

Marie: First shout out has to go to Charlie Banfield- a great waterman who told me about this awesome race. Also Nina Oakley who I met in the registration line, we took turns holding each others spot in the line so we could each get changed and SPF’d up (lol that sounded wrong)… we only gave proper introductions after she crushed her competition (that included me haha). And last but not least the emcee- I didn't get his name.. I thought he was awesome, hilarious, entertaining and informative all at once! He gave great commentary all day!

CP: Thanks so much Marie for sharing your experiences at TA-HOE NALU...see you on the water soon!

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Cali Paddler Team Writer Marie Low

Team Writer Marie Low - Marie is a Cali Paddler friend who travels our awesome state to paddle as many of our waters as she can. Whether racing outrigger with NCOCA, OC1 at Lake Tahoe, or coming down to San Diego at the Olympic Training Venue for Paddle Fest with all sorts of crafts to paddle, she is a great example of someone who loves to paddle and meet new folks where ever she goes. We at Cali Paddler are grateful for her paddle adventures that she shares with all of us, and are stoked to hear about future paddling trips in our state.

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