Cork Cali Paddler Hat

Cork Cali Paddler Hat

You won't find cooler hats than these. Style 1: The front bill is made from cork, with a tight woven trucker mesh on the back.  Style 2: The bill is cork and the rest of the cap is black denim with Gold embroidery. Get ready for some compliments on these!

    100% Polyurthane Cork Front 100% Polyester Mesh Back and 100% Cotton Front 100% Polyurthane Cork Visor. Snap backs for both styles. The bill comes flat on both - ready for you to bend it to the contour you feel is perfect.

      Style 1 Colors:

      • Black with Black Logo Embroidery
      • Black with Turquoise Logo Embroidery
      • Black with Magenta Logo Embroidery
      • Brown with Black Logo Embroidery
      • Brown with Turquoise Logo Embroidery
      • Brown with Silver Logo Embroidery

      Style 2 Colors:

      • Gold Logo Embroidery

      Don't forget...a portion of all proceeds go to conservation efforts in our state!

      $ 20.00