PupLid Dog Paddle Hat

Cali Paddler

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Cali Paddler has partnered with PupLid to offer our paddling buddies hats too! Because our goal is to Be EPIC, and that means EVERY Paddler In California and we know you have a SUP Pup at home, or maybe a dog named Huli. Or maybe your dog just knows that water is good for 'their person', and wants you to be happy!

We offer two sizes. Small and Large. Any dogs 30 pounds or less should go for the small. 30 and up please opt for the Large. Caps are adjustable.

Also of note, not only will your pup look stylin, but hats are good for their health. Just like in people, bright sunlight can cause discomfort for dogs and lead dogs to squint their eyes. Light sensitivity is especially common in dogs with blue and light-colored eyes. There are also many eye conditions where sun protection is important including pannus (chronic superficial keratitis), iris atrophy and sun-induced cancers of the eyes, eyelids and pigment around the eyes. For dogs with shorter noses that are shaded by the hat's bill, the hat can also protect the nose from sunburn and reduce the risk for sun induced skin cancers on the nose.

Be sure to check out PupLid.com when you can. Great products, great people!



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