Cotton Twill Cali Paddler Hat

Cali Paddler

$ 20.00 
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Are you a fan of the cotton twill hat look and a little less brim? Well these should suit ya nicely! Comfortable too! Logo *embroidered* for quality on your choice of various colors to get the look you are reaching for. 

Comes in:

"Neon Orange Camo"
"Flame Symmetry"
"Classy Agassi" White with Black Accent on Brim and Poly Flex Material
"Tropic Breeze" Black and Tropic Print with Turquoise Embroidery
"Urban Wave" Black and Grey Wave Design
"Urban Wave" Black and Red Wave Design
"Wave Flame" Black and Blue
"Wave Flame" Black and Red
Black with Turquoise Embroidery
Black with Pink Embroidery
Grey with Black Bill with Turquoise Embroidery
Grey with Black Bill with Black Embroidery
Grey with Black Bill with Pink Embroidery
Red with Black Embroidery
Royal with Silver Embroidery
Royal with Green Embroidery
Khaki with Turquoise Embroidery