iHeart Glitter Hat

Cali Paddler

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Glitter. Highpony. Need we say more?

Ok, we will say a little bit more. Sometimes you want a hat to really be...fun. That your paddle friends can't help but say, "oh my god, that is such a cute hat!" These glitter hats come in 6 different colors, and each have our iHeart logo in glitter gracing the front. From magenta red and turquoise for the bright colors. Silver, white and navy for something a little more subdued to go with maximum outfits.

Plus, these hats have a bit of function built into them. Each one has a ponytail hole, for anyone that wants to rock that #highpony!

Who said paddlers can't have a little cute glitter and function in their lives? Not us, that's for sure!

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