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The race weekend hangover

post paddle race(If you liked, "an oc6 paddler on race day", consider this the humorous follow up)  - So, maybe the title is a little misleading, though the beer garden or after-party for some could make it true. But sometimes after a long day at the beach, in the canoe, and journey to the far-off place called ‘the race site’, we can feel pretty beat up, scarred, chaffed, dehydrated and haggard. A little hungover if you will. So allow me to share some of those post-race whinings and whimperings many of you are possibly feeling in between checking all the FB photos, race results, and looking up what D.O.M.S. means.

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An OC6 Paddler on Race Day

Something special is about to take place! But are you really ready to experience it?
This coming Saturday marks a very special day for outrigger canoe paddlers in Southern California. With logistics being figured out, alarm clocks being set, and paddles set by the front door, it will certainly be on everyone’s mind as we get closer. Race season for many will begin. And for the first-time paddlers, so will your paddling career!

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Cali Paddler Connection: Kai Ko'o Paddles

Kai Ko'o Paddles

Introducing the first of our "Cali Paddler Connection" series, where we introduce you to the companies and individuals in California that offer amazing products, services, stores, and share with us paddling history in our amazing state.

Kai Ko'o Paddles (Steve Barnes & James Gonzales)
Cali Paddler's Greggy, went on site with Steve Barnes and James Gonzalez of Kai Ko'o Paddles, a San Diego based Outrgger Canoe and SUP paddle maker. Greggy dove in to what makes them tick, and they let us know what it means to be a Cali Paddler to them.


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Born Again as a Paddler

Outrigger Canoe
I grew up near Mission Bay, in San Diego, CA. I spent many days of my youth near the ocean, in the ocean or on the ocean. Lot’s of sand found it’s way between my toes, into my ears and onto the floor of the car. We used to go to the beach and bay regularly to swim, bodyboard, make sand castles and later cruise the boardwalk as a teenager. My Dad took my brother and I fishing on Mission Bay numerous times.

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Safety Items to Bring on a Paddle

It is important to be fast on the water, but sometimes, it is just as important to be prepared. Not only in training and condition, but in regards to the equipment we bring along. Whether you paddle SUP, Outrigger Canoe, Surf-ski, Prone or a Kayak, I shared some items below that have come in handy for me.

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Overcoming dangerous situations when you go for a paddle

Outrigger Canoe

There is occasionally a time where a paddle goes awry and we have to deal with a bad situation. Equipment failure. Crashing in the surf or rocks. Getting hurt. Who knows....but I thought it would be good to address some of the situations I have found myself in here and there, and share what I have found that kept me and others safe. In no way am I and authority on all of this, and of course invite everyone to contribute their knowledge so I can learn and be more safe too. Enjoy!

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A paddler begins

One day….My best friend introduced me to the sport of Outrigger canoe, he used to talk about it all the time. I have always loved sports but I had never paid attention that outrigger even existed. His passion for the sport got me interested and I decided to give it a try one day.

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