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Santa Cruz PaddleFest - SUP Vet Perspective - Santa Cruz or bust!

Cali Paddler was eager to learn and share about last weeks Santa Cruz Paddle Fest. Our Team Paddler Kristin Thomas is no stranger to epic roadtrips and events in this awesome state, and she was kind enough to share all the amazingness she encountered here! Enjoy.

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Santa Cruz PaddleFest - First-Timer

A lot of folks go into a race for the first time with questions and a whole new level of energy. Last week's Santa Cruz PaddleFest was certainly a fun chance to try something new and be introduced to a bunch of new craft and waters. interviewed Gina De Los Reyes of Santa Barbara, who took her first trip up to this event and that part of our state. Check it out!

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The 24 Hour California Teams

24 Hour Relay Padlde Monster and SeaSometimes, we come across a cause and organization that makes us go beyond our comfort zones, and bite off something more than we normally might not do. This weekend, two teams in California will be paddling a 24hour relay. One in Morro Bay, and one in Newport as part of the Monster and Sea Paddle for Cancer cause happening across the nation. We wanted to take a moment to shine some light on these awesome Cali Paddlers and the adventure they will be embarking on. Have fun our there!

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30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest, Incoming!

Santa Cruz PaddleFest
Cali Paddler is honored to have Teresa Rogerson share with us her stoke about the amazing upcoming event Santa Cruz Paddlefest. An event this special in its history and the paddle diversity it encourages, deserves our attention. As does a proper recognition of waveski, surf kayak, all the pioneering craft and paddlers that have brought us to this 30th anniversary! Don't know about these amazing paddle craft? Learn more here! And to really appreciate them...come out to the event! It is 4 days of EPIC (March 17-20)!

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10 Salton Sea Paddler Questions - Answered

Salton Sea SUPLast March when we first met up with the organizers of the upcoming North Shore Xtreme, the first ever paddle race at the Salton Sea, Greg and I had lots of questions. And we are pretty sure you have the same questions. So we thought we would share with you what we learned as I paddled OC2 that day, and Greg SUP'd during a subsequent visit. Hopefully, anyone who is 'on the fence' about going to the race, can benefit from the 10 paddler questions and answers below. :)

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With Honor

It is with great privilege that we get to share the story of a stoked paddler 'who gets it'. Hard work, appreciation of our sport, and an understanding of how lucky we are to be paddlers. Ruthie was a part of the junior girls team from NorCal that raced the Catalina Crossing last summer. The future of our sport is bright. Please enjoy! ~CP

Having the honor to be on a Northern California paddling team was an experience I would have not believed myself doing in a million years. I've been paddling since I was seven years old, not knowing how much this sport would make me crave for it more and more. Growing up I fell in love with outrigger canoeing every time, every minute I was out on the water. Since then I had this determination, this dream to race in both Southern California and Hawai'i. So being asked to be on the first junior Norcal team was unbelievable. Knowing that outrigger paddling is growing and the next generation of keiki, are the next ones up for an exciting future, in long distance outrigger paddling competitions.

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Litterati - An inspiration for Cali Paddlers to unite and be awesome

Cali Paddler Litterati
Imagine taking the trash that we see, and pick up each time we go to the beach or waterways, and cataloging it. Imaging being able to track what it was, where you found it, when you picked it up. Imagine being able to assemble all this data and present it to the companies who design their products, so they can see their impact, and consider changes to packaging, or somehow reduce their litter footprint. Now, imagine each person being able to do this in seconds using their smartphone. TIMES A MILLION!

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H2O Trash PatrolA corner-stone of what makes us all a Cali Paddler is our collective energy towards conservation. If you're reading this, you are no stranger to beach clean-ups, recycling, and phrases like "Leave only footprints".

One small family felt just the same way and after every surf session in So-Cal they would clean up their area and leave it better than they found it. When they discovered the sport of SUP, they took this concept even further to what has now grown into a movement. Taking the beach clean-up to the waterways to wage war against aquatic trash.

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California's Best Places to Paddle - The Bucket List of Top Paddles

Best places to paddle in CaliforniaThe 7 Wonders of the (Cali Paddler) World! We are big fans of paddling in our amazing state. And over time, we have found there to be certain paddles that are so amazing, that everyone should have them on their bucket list. So, with New Year's resolutions and inspiration always being shared, we decided to come up with this list.

The places listed are amazing, and something only paddlers can experience. For each one we reached out to a local expert in the region to get tips and insight so that when you launch to check it off your list, you have a positive experience. Enjoy, and be sure to thank each person below and visit their websites.

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VHF Radio Demystified – The most important part of your paddle safety kit

Paddle VHF Radio Demystified
Many of us have come to paddling, whether it be kayak, SUP, surf ski, OC1 or OC6, from backgrounds other than traditional boating like power boats or sailing. Because of this you may not be familiar with the venerable marine VHF radio that has been the mainstay of the boating community since 1950. Advances in electronics have shrunk the size and cost of the VHF radio to a small hand held device that can be bought for under $100. For these reasons a handheld marine VHF radio should be in everyone's safety kit.

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