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Paddler Problems - Nutrition and Paddling

Paddler Problems - Food and NutritionOh, the glorious challenges of endurance racing!  As any athlete knows, the human body can only perform for so long with no fuel before breaking down.  In the outrigger 9-man season - the true endurance portion of the outrigger year, it's not uncommon to be out on the water for over 3 hours, and thus it is very important to eat wisely.

If you have never been out for a significant amount of distance, the lack of preparation can be a shock to the system.  One of the major differences in a long paddle is that DURING the race you have a significant amount of time to rest, refuel, re-hydrate, and catch your second (or third) wind over the long event.

Paddler fueling preferences come in all varieties - which one are you?

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Paddler Problems: 10 Signs of Post Paddle Withdrawal

10 Signs of Post Paddle Withdrawl - Paddy PaddlerCali Paddler is proud to once again welcome Paddy Paddler and her journal entries to our tribe. For anyone who has come to the end of their season, and now wonders, "'what next?" and finds themselves sitting at their desk watching GoPro footage from past races, rocking to the rhythm of their craft, this one is for you!

Dear Diary…The Catalina championships have come and gone, and before I even knew it was happening, suddenly the sun has set on my racing season. To be honest, I have been fantasizing about this for months - trying to remember what an open schedule felt like, wondering what my other friends were doing on the weekend without me.  Every weekend I thought about how good it would be to sleep in on Saturday mornings again…

But now that the off season is here, I’m totally miserable.  I’ve been told this is quite normal “withdrawal” that follows any long cycle of extreme endorphins.  But I have a lot of weird symptoms…

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An Open Letter to First Year Racers

Novice Paddler Hatched

Hello, Novice Paddlers!

We just wanted to let you all know, on the eve before your first race, that you are awesome.  No, we are not just talking to the genetic freaks of nature that were recruited to make the veterans look bad.  And no, we’re not just talking to the land lubbers who decided to face their fears of the open ocean and try this “paddling thing” at long last. 

We are talking to ALL of you; beautiful, bold new racers...

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Dragon Newby

Cali Paddler Dragon BoatThe arm tasked with the pull got no rest or reprieve. My muscles burned and my heart was ready to burst from my chest. I had to remember to breathe, but there was no time! It was already over, and the euphoria was bursting through my face.

“What just happened? I want more!” From the shore, I could see friends and family jumping up and down with excitement. I felt like a puppy, and found myself wishing I had a tail to wag happily behind me, as if asking “Was that good? Did I do okay?”

Join Team Writer Megs on her recent journey to the land of Dragons!

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Paddler Problems: Dear Diary... <3 Paddy

Paddler ProblemsDear Diary,

Hi, I’m Paddy! I haven’t written to you in a long time – not since my last diary got flung overboard by accident on my outrigger race to Catalina Island.

I hope you don’t meet the same fate! I like to think my old diary is relaxing with my old sunglasses and hats that were also sacrificed to the sea. Maybe some fish are reading my old entries and making grand tales of my adventures.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of another racing season and it has been amazing! Except a couple things...

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The Fear Factor - It is officially change season!!

Outrigger Canoe Change Race
When I first describe change racing to people, the reaction is almost always something along the lines of “that sounds really scary” and "you are really hard core."  And you know what? Yeah, it kind of is scary – but only if you allow yourself to think about it.  The 'Fear Factor' of change racing, to me, makes it exceptionally exciting and fun.  However, there are moments both in practice and in races where every paddler has asked themselves, what the hell am I doing?

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Paddle HungerPaddler friends, I know that everyone gets hungry. But only paddlers know the NEED to FEED. That animal that lives in your belly – a mangy wild wolf that appears after a long distance paddle. The hunger wolf is an insatiable beast who commands you to put anything remotely edible into your mouth and down the hatch, keeping his ferocity at bay, lest it go wild and consume me whole.

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