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SoCal Winter Series Preview - La Jolla Invitational

November 12, 2018 Cali Paddler

SoCal Winter Race Series
This series of race previews is an 'unaffiliated' effort to share experiences from each of the races that comprise Southern California's Winter Series of Races for OC1, OC2, Surf-Ski, SUP and Prone Paddlers. - This week we spotlight the La Jolla Invitational! All ocean. Beach Launch. A great opportunity for those first timers wanting to try oc1, surfski, prone or sup.
And be sure to check back for other race previews as they come up this winter. Gonna be a fun season! NorCal, if anyone is interested in contributing similar paddle and race previews, we'd love to team up!

All about the V1 - Interview with Will Reichenstein on Paddling Rudderless Canoes

November 01, 2018 Cali Paddler

Rudderless V1 Questions Will ReichensteinCali Paddler is thrilled to have had the chance to interview one of California's premiere outrigger paddlers about one of the most popular craft folks are entering more and more in races. We are talking about Will Reichenstein, and rudderless canoes, (V1s). You aren't gong to want to miss this, so let's get started!

Hi Will, as someone who paddles every craft we can get our hands on, the rudderless canoe (aka the V1) has had a lot of mystique. We know it is popular in Tahiti, and some of the races we watched online show us that some of the top paddlers in the world race them. That said, we have tons of questions and likely some misconceptions about the rudderless canoe (va'a) and so are grateful to have your help in sharing your stoke and knowledge on this craft. Where would you like to begin?

California Race Preview - Another Dam Race (ADR)

October 23, 2018 Cali Paddler

Another Dam Race ADRAnother Dam Race (ADR) - Parker Arizona

For those of you who haven’t paddled Another Dam Race (ADR), you are probably wondering what it is all about. So, having gone last year and gotten the first hand experience, we wanted to share with you some answers to common questions that we had, and you might too.

An inspiring first - A visually impaired paddler raced OC1 with remote controlled guidance

October 15, 2018 Cali Paddler

Blind OC1 RacerImagine back to the energy and courage needed when you did your first race. You were nervous, pumped up and probably had butterflies in your stomach. Now imagine if you were listening for the starting horn to begin but relying on someone with a remote control to steer your craft. Why? Because you were totally blind! This just happened. And we are so completely inspired by this and can't wait to share below exactly what took place this past weekend in Newport, Ca. We interviewed RJ De Rama, the Executive Director at Makapo Aquatics Project and got the scoop. Enjoy!

CP Race Preview - Catalina Wild Buffalo Relay - Every Question You Want Answers To

March 21, 2018 Cali Paddler

Catalina Wild Buffalo Relay - Race PreviewThis race addition is the biggest news to hit the SoCal Winter Series since...well, since the previous crossing race was cancelled several years ago after several years running.

News about the Toyota SoCal Wild Buffalo Relay presented by Puakea Designs hit the California paddling community with raised eye-brows and plenty of excitement. But with it came tons of questions about details, logistics and costs. Cali Paddler wanted to get the answers to as many questions as we could. We reached out to folks with what they wanted to know. So Hopefully anyone on the fence is able to get their questions answered below and can join in the fun. Thank you to Maddie Spoto from Puakea Designs for taking the time to answer everything we could throw her way!
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