California Race Preview - Turkey Paddle (SUP) by West Coast Paddle Sports and SDCKT

[This series of race previews is an effort to share experiences from, and info about, races that comprise California's various races for OC1, OC2, Surf-Ski, SUP and Prone Paddlers. We would very much like to offer this for races throughout all of California and invite anyone who might wish to be a regular contributor with knowledge of the races there to contact us. * Information may have changed or be different on race day. So consider this a friendly free guide, and please do not run up to the race organizers if something is different, and say "Cali Paddler says it is different" as we are not the ones putting on the race. They are. And we are grateful to them for that!]

Turkey Paddle (SUP) by WCPS and SDCKT

This fun fun fun morning on the water is a great chance to work off some of the turkey you ate, and hang out with your paddle family after a day of your genetic family. (Don't worry we won't put you on the spot and ask which you prefer).

While anyone can put on a race and give a prize to first place, the team at West Coast Paddle Sports have gotten really creative to help make this a different event. Everything from requiring you to pick up a floating rubber ducky during the race (look for the specially marked ones that get you Cali Paddler prizes), to radical zig-zagging courses where you paddle opposite of other paddlers. And then there is the inflatable races and rubber ducky races. Like we said, this event is fun!


Fiesta Island, Mission Bay, San Diego 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109. (At the Boy Scout Camp).

The 3 Mile Race (the main paddle event)

In an attempt to make the course different, and very spectator friendly, race director and SoCal SUP pioneer Bob Long has created what at first glance will make you cross eyed. But once you pay attention to the pre-race meeting and walk through the map on the morning of, you will see he has right and left turns, a chance to pass racers going the other way, and you are in the line of site of your cheering fans the whole time. Oh, and you have to pick up a floating rubber duck or two to officially get your prize!


1/2 Mile Youth Race (11-14) and 1/4 Mile Race (<11)

Kids... get ready inspire us older folks!

1 Mile Big Board Team Race

Here is a chance to get your friends together and make new ones. 6 people minimum on the big inflatable boards that will be on site! Remember....timing is key!


The Rubber Ducky Race

Perhaps the most fun to sponsor a ducky. Win a cash prize of half the entry money for all rubber duckies that race from the water to the shore....using only the crazy wakes made by paddlers on all sides. Get ready to cheer for yours!


Community. Conservation. Connection. Cali Paddler!

Cali Paddler Notes.

  • Bring a can of food for the food drive.
  • Bring thanksgiving meal left-overs for a paddler potluck that everyone enjoys after the race.
  • Portion of proceeds goes to support the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team that makes its home at the location.
Race Registration and Info:

[ Got some tips to share on this race? Leave them in the comments below. Interested in sharing your own preview for a race? We would love to team up! Race-organizers, please let us know if additional info can help your racers enjoy the day. ]

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