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WILDCOAST Paddle PledgeAs part of our 5% Paddle Pledge, Cali Paddler regularly adopts new non-profit groups that care for our shorelines, waters and the wildlife that live there. We donate 5% of all sales proceeds to these groups during specified quarters. We are proud to announce our newest partnership and share with you all the amazing things they are doing. We proudly introduce WILDCOAST! Thank you to their team for sharing below a little bit about them.

Who We Are

WILDCOAST’s mission is to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. Since 2000, WILDCOAST has helped to conserve over 31.6 million acres of some of the most ecologically important coastline, wetlands, islands and marine areas in the United States and Mexico. Through the establishment and management of protected areas, the advancement of conservation policy, and the direct engagement of local communities in community science monitoring, cleanups, restoration, and outreach, WILDCOAST has protected key coastal and marine ecosystems on the North American Pacific coastline, such as California’s 545,820-acre MPA network.

WILDCOAST Paddle Pledge

What We Do

Laguna San Ignacio and Bahía Magdalena in Baja California Sur, where WILDCOAST is working to protect the world’s last undeveloped gray whale breeding lagoons, are also home to expansive desert mangrove forests that sequester more carbon than most plant species on Earth. The coral reefs we are helping to manage in Cabo Pulmo, the Gulf of California, and Huatulco, provide a natural buffer for local communities against storm surge and sea level rise. California’s marine protected areas preserve rocky reefs, kelp forests, beaches and estuaries that are key conservation features for adapting to sea level rise.

Why it’s Important

With the dramatic rise in destructive hurricanes, floods, and sea level, it is more important than ever to protect our coast and ocean. Mangroves, coral reefs, kelp forests, estuaries, and beaches all serve critical functions in regulating our global climate, protecting communities and iconic wildlife, and driving fundamental life processes. Their protection is key to our ability as a planet to survive the very real impacts of climate change.

WILDCOAST Paddle Pledge
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