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Cali Paddler Explorations - Elkhorn Slough - Moss Landing

Cali Paddler Explorations Elkhorn Slough “Who would want to paddle in a swamp?” was apparently a common jeer sent in his direction. Now it’s almost impossible to drive that section of Highway 1 and not see numerous paddlers heading in and out of the slough. Having paddled there many times both on my own and leading tours I don’t know how anyone could not be entranced by it.  It is miles of flat, and depending on the wind, calm water, abundant seals and sea otters, hundreds of species of birds, and that serenity you get when you venture out on glassy water far enough away from roads and people that the loudest sound is your paddle in the water.

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In the Midst of Blue - OC1 Lessons Learned

An OC1 Story

Well, I'm not going to make it.

I didn't time it right. I should have waited. I should have paddled harder. The wall of water charging towards me keeps getting higher and higher. I am not going to make it over; there is nothing I can do but try. When you get to this point, you can't turn back.

The bow slices through the top of the wave, but the ama bounces up and arcs gracefully over my head. No brace can save this....

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Cali Paddler Explorations - Lake Gregory

Cali Paddler is stoked to continue its exploration and mapping of amazing places in our state to paddle. We welcome back Team Writer Bret Warner as he explores this alpine  lake in Southern California the mountains ... come paddle Lake Gregory!

Paddle Lake GregoryLocated in the town of Crestline, which is about halfway between Silverwood Lake and Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory is the quintessential peaceful mountain lake. The majority of the shore is lined with trees, which adds to the mountain aesthetic, and also severely cuts down on the wind. No Motor boats are allowed so the elusive glassy water you see on magazine covers and Facebook/Instagram is a consistent reality here. In addition everyone just seems stoked to be out playing in the mountains; just walking out to the water the good mood of everyone is infectious.

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Elements of Recovery - A Na Pali Bucket List Story

I'd like to think I have never taken paddling for granted. And the good health that lets me paddle. But I am sure over the years I have enjoyed this sport, I have done just that. Taken for granted our waters, the camaraderie of teammates, and the athleticism paddling provides me. So as you can imagine, when a back injury took away my ability to comfortably sit, stand, walk and paddle, I scolded myself for having not appreciated it even more.

Little did I know that a chance to paddle in a race I have dreamed about doing for 6 years would come along. And that I would be able to resume a paddling addiction that had been threatened in the year prior due to injury.

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Cali Paddler Explorations - Del Monte Beach Monterey

Cali Paddler is stoked to continue its exploration and mapping of amazing places in our state to paddle. We welcome back Team Writer Bret Warner as he explores this gem in Monterey Bay...Del Monte Beach

Cali Paddler Explorations - Del Monte BeachThe first place I ever paddled was Del Monte Beach right in front of Monterey Bay Kayaks. OK, that’s actually not true, it was on the Rogue river in an inflatable kayak, but my dad and I loved it so much we signed up for an Intro to Sea Kayaking class the day we got home. At ten years old, I had no idea what a special place I was getting to paddle.  It is protected from surf so knowing how to launch and land in the surf is not a requisite for paddling there. I know that some of us salivate with desire at launching/landing/playing/cavorting in the surf, but sometimes you need the calm start as well.  It is also solidly in a Marine Sanctuary so seeing seals, sea lions and sea otters is a regularity and not an anomaly. Also, if the wind picks up it will almost assuredly be at your back once you turn around, and you can hug the coast enough on the way out that paddling upwind won’t affect you too adversely.

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Race Recap: First time to Tahoe and to do a Standup Paddle Race

South Tahoe Summer SUP Series Gathering of the Tribes

Cali Paddler welcomes Team Writer Tiffany who took a trip to South Lake Tahoe to see what racing on this famous location was like. Altitude. Fresh Water. Fun crowd. AMAZING scenery. If you weren't there, see what you missed. If you were, well, relive it!

As I headed up to Lake Tahoe in the early hours of the morning - 4:15am to be exact - on the day before the first Tahoe Sup Series race of 2016, all I could think of was the lakes majestic blue and green waters. I had only been to Tahoe with my parents when I was maybe eight, so this in many ways was my first time getting to experience Tahoe. For those who have made the 8-10 hour drive you know it’s a long one but so worth it. Side note – it’s a crap shoot trying to drive there in the summer as many highways have construction going on to repair the roads from the winter and wild fires can be an issue causing long delays and/or detours.

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Cali Paddler Explorations - Puddingstone Reservoir, Bonelli Park

CP Explorations - Puddingstone ReservoirNestled Northeast of the 10 and 57 junction Bonelli Park serves as an excellent escape from the inland urban sprawl, even though it is in the middle of all of it.  Join us on this Cali Paddler Exploration with Bret as he finds a little inland piece of magic and shares with us all the ins and outs, tips and tricks, and whatever else you might need to know before pushing off.

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Cali Paddler Explorations - Silverwood Lake

Cali Paddler Explorations - Silverwood LakeCali Paddlers are known for their passion of exploration. A desire to paddle our waters, and pay respects to the amazing wildlife and nature that lives in our waterways. Thank you to Bret Warner for sharing one of his favorite areas to paddle, as well as how traveling inland can lead to as good as any paddle along our coastlines.

With thirteen miles of shoreline, many of which are either off limits to boats or are low speed areas, there is plenty of space for longer, mileage building paddles, as well as plenty of beach space for a more leisurely outing.

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Cali Paddler Explorations: Brent Allen Outside

Brent Allen Outside
Cali Paddler is proud to showcase and highlight the wonderful sense of exploration Brent Allen has for our state's beautiful coastlines. With a sense of stewardship through his coordination of beach and waterway cleanups, and his respect for sea life by promoting and teaching safe distance paddle techniques (did you know its helpful to seek out kelp beds during whale breaching episodes to help keep a safe distance?) Brent has become a favorite of Cali Paddler. He has no shortage of amazing up close nature experiences to share with us and remind us how important it is for Cali Paddlers to respect and nurture the waters we love. He offers paddle tours of the Monterey area and is a great resource to contact next time you want to explore our wild coastlines in a safe and respectful manner with an experienced tour guide. He will take you places you never dreamed of. Enjoy the videos below to see what we mean!

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Cali Paddler Explorations: Monterey Penninsula

Cali Paddler Monterey PenninsulaCali Paddlers are known for their passion of exploration. A desire to paddle our waters, and pay respects to the amazing wildlife and nature that lives in and near our coastlines. Thank you to Harry Deisroth for this recap of a recent epic journey in the Monterey Bay Area along one of our state's most famous stretches-but unlike 99.9% of its visitors, this is from the water! -C.P.

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