Conservation Spotlight

Cali Paddler is all about you! And with that, showcasing humble folks who help making paddling great. Our "Cali Paddler Conservation Spotlight" showcases paddlers who we consider to be inspirational stewards of our California waterways. Making it a better place for all of us to paddle.

The Conservation Spotlight is an acknowledgement that is driven by all of YOU! Do you know someone in our state to nominate that raises the bar? Who's selfless actions inspire you to raise-the-bar in caring for beaches, rivers, lakes and the ocean that you paddle on? Submit your nominations throughout the year and lets shine a bright light on those who 'get it'!

Sarah Craig is a 2019 difference-maker and inspiration! Follow her at @saysayer and see the amazing difference a paddler can make! #TrainingOutTheTrash

Erin O'Malley and her business Sunset Stand Up Paddle are always taking the time and effort to teach new paddlers that paddling is about "give", not just take.

One of our original supporters, Kristen Sanchez adopts not only beaches, but entire regions, in her quest to help paddlers take care of our waters and beaches.

Heidi Stone never fails to grab a bucket and make her impact felt. In her home waters, or on the road.

Maddie Unruh shows that you don't have to be an adult to be a leader!

Our first paddler #cpSpotlight, is Suzanne Hawkins! Setting the bar since 2016.

Conservation Spotlight

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