Trucker Cali Paddler Hat

Cali Paddler

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Ready to join you on any paddle journey, these quality hats will last AND look good while actually being comfortable too! Logo *embroidered* for quality on your choice of 16 color combinations to get the look you are reaching for.

Comes in: Charcoal Grey with Turquoise ~ Turquoise with Silver ~ White with Turquoise ~ Purple with Silver ~ Silver Grey with Black ~ Black with Silver ~ Black with Pink ~ Neon Orange with Black ~ Neon Orange with Turquoise ~ Neon Yellow with Black ~ Neon Yellow with Turquoise ~ Neon Pink with Black ~ Neon Pink and Black with Black ~ Black and Neon Pink with Pink ~ Jade with Green ~ Jade with Purple ~ Turquoise and Black with Turquoise ~ Turquoise and White with Black ~ Turquoise and White with Turquoise ~ Black with Black ~ Green with Yellow ~ Green with Silver

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