Word Cloud Recycled Plastic-T-Shirt

Cali Paddler

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With our recycled plastic sweatshirts being such a hit, we decided to take it a step farther. We are proud to offer our short sleeve crew neck t-shirt made from recycled water bottles! This light blue shirt will be different than the other shirts you own. It will be soft, a unique color from the plastic components reused, and it will sport our word cloud logo design found only on our recycled products.

Less water to color. Less energy to produce. Less waste in our landfills. Cali Paddler Pride!

Fun Facts: 

  • Each Original Bottle Tee™ saves the equivalent of 6.5 20oz plastic bottles from the landfill and 18 quarts of water by eliminating textile dyeing.   
  • The color is derived from blue recycled bottles and other recycled plastics we use to create our fiber. This eliminates the need for the traditional textile dyeing process, eliminating dyes, saving water and energy  
  • The recycled cotton we use is postindustrial waste and the recycled polyester we use is a combination of post consumer and postindustrial waste.
  • All Yarns are certified to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and Spun By the Sun® in the USA.

4.3oz ringspun fabric; 65% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, food containers / 35% recycled cotton; fashion-fit; side-seamed; double-needle stitching; low impact enzyme washed for a super soft hand. Made in Guatemala from US yarn. Domestic production available upon request.