Cali Paddler Slouch Beanie

Cali Paddler Slouch Beanie
So its cold, but you don't want the tight fit of a traditional beanie. Perhaps you have a bunch of hair that you want to put up and keep from catching all the morning mist? Welcome to the Slouch Beanie! A product suggestion of our Team Writer Megs (of Paddler Problems fame) and Team Paddler Alex Gil, this 12" Acrylic Knit Beanie is super soft, and ready for you to wear before, during or after a paddle.

Slouch Beanie colors include:

Black with Pink Embroidery
Charcoal Grey with Turquoise Embroidery
Heather Grey with Black Embroidery

Don't forget...a portion of all proceeds go to conservation efforts in our state!

$ 15.00