Letter Bear Purple Berry Jersey Tank

Cali Paddler

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Look we get it, you don't always want a racerback style tank-top. Well here ya go! Traditional tank in purple berry color, with our Bear Letters design for those afternoons you want to bear arms, but not the back. Ok, cheesy descriptions aside, we think this shirt will look great on you, and the design will have folks saying...."hey, cool!" where ever you go.

For Paddlers, By Paddlers! This item was designed by Megan Phillips of Paddler Problems. If you have enjoyed our Paddy Paddler stories about paddler problems, then you have probably seen her sketches and hilarious comics. She also helped create our Gary Garibaldi character. Well she has now joined us in creating awesome apparel designs. If you love this, be sure to check out her at https://www.instagram.com/AdiCroft.