Ocean Wave Paddle Buff

Cali Paddler

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Cold morning? Want to keep your neck, ears, face, head, (or just about anything else you can imagine), warm?

Super hot out? Keep the sun off your neck and face with SPF protection.

What about dusty? Or you just want something that looks fricken awesome to keep the sweat out of your eyes? This Buff is versatile and will be your new best friend...on the water and off!

Important notes of why it is super-rad for paddlers!

  • This is a half-buff. Not cumbersome and more than you need.
  • Dip it in water and it will stay cool, but not drip on you!
  • More durable than a headband.
  • Wear it on top of a hat in super windy conditions to keep from losing your hat.

Poly-Spandex Tricot four Way Stretch PFP Mid weight, great product for using in Swimwear, Active Wear and Sports wear. SPF 15.
Content: 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
Weight: 205 GSM

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