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MBX 2015 - OC1 Crossing Recap

Monterey Bay Crossing 2015
I decided to really challenge myself and compete in the OC1 category. Looking back, I think a bit of “crazy” came over me when wanting to do the crossing. Training for the race was difficult.  I often trained alone, putting in a lot of early mornings and late nights. Training for more than 2.5 hours was new to me and presented many new challenges that I had to overcome. A lot went in to being 100% ready for the race, from the millimeters of adjusting the ama, to the miles and hours put into training and getting ready. My goal had been set from previous training sessions. I wanted to complete the MBX in 4 hours. I felt ready.

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Cali Paddler Explorations: Monterey Penninsula

Cali Paddler Monterey PenninsulaCali Paddlers are known for their passion of exploration. A desire to paddle our waters, and pay respects to the amazing wildlife and nature that lives in and near our coastlines. Thank you to Harry Deisroth for this recap of a recent epic journey in the Monterey Bay Area along one of our state's most famous stretches-but unlike 99.9% of its visitors, this is from the water! -C.P.

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