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SoCal Winter Series Preview - La Jolla Invitational

SoCal Winter Race Series
This series of race previews is an 'unaffiliated' effort to share experiences from each of the races that comprise Southern California's Winter Series of Races for OC1, OC2, Surf-Ski, SUP and Prone Paddlers. - This week we spotlight the La Jolla Invitational! All ocean. Beach Launch. A great opportunity for those first timers wanting to try oc1, surfski, prone or sup.
And be sure to check back for other race previews as they come up this winter. Gonna be a fun season! NorCal, if anyone is interested in contributing similar paddle and race previews, we'd love to team up!

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California Race Preview - Another Dam Race (ADR)

Another Dam Race ADRAnother Dam Race (ADR) - Parker Arizona

For those of you who haven’t paddled Another Dam Race (ADR), you are probably wondering what it is all about. So, having gone last year and gotten the first hand experience, we wanted to share with you some answers to common questions that we had, and you might too.

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CP Explorations - Catalina Island

CP Explorations - Catalina IslandFor many years now, I have wondered what was on the other side. Beyond the little pocket town of Avalon and gates to dirt roads and bison. Far past the waters where the half day fishing boats stop. Catalina Island marked to me a giant body of land begging to be explored by water. I just knew there were coastlines with giant mountains and cliffs, pocket beaches that may not have ever had people walk upon, and of course, crystal clear water teaming with sea life. So when I became friends with Ernie after the Salton Sea Race and the CP Retreat in March, I asked him if he had paddled the islands perimeter since he moved there this past year. And when he answered "no", the next question was immediate...“would you like to?”


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CP Review - Inflateable SUP from XTERRA

Inflateable SUP Review - XTERRA BoardsEvery been curious about what it is like to paddle an inflatable SUP? Want to know the impressions of one from someone who is used to fast race boards and traveling far on paddles to explore as much as possible? Well, look no further, because we just finished a 10 day trip with lots of paddling, various conditions, and all sorts of water types. Check out our impressions of the 10' XTERRA board. What did we like, and not like? And did it pass 'the family test'?

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10 Tips to be a Better Paddler

Tips to Become a Better Paddler

We here at Cali Paddler are always striving to be better, and have more fun, on the water. Whether it is related to fitness, technique or attitude, there are many well documented ways to becoming a better paddler. However, some ways to improve your SUP, Prone, Outrigger Surf-Ski or Dragonboat performance are not as commonly known as others. We wanted to share the following top 10 tips to help you paddle better, and open up our Cali Paddler Treasure Chest of YOU! Enjoy

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CP Review - SUPerior by Motionize

SUPerior Motionize Review

A review of the SUPerior motion sensor by Motionize. You might have heard about this product with their recent collaboration behind the innovative force at QuickBlade who will be embedding this sensor in QB paddles. Pretty cool! In our case, the stand-alone product is what we have our hands on and we are excited to see how the product not only helps us analyze our stroke and paddling effort when paddling SUP, but improve it! Does it get in my way when I switch sides? Was the weight noticeable? Was it easy to setup before, and use during a paddle? I was excited to get on the water and see how it stacked up against other products.

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Prone Paddleboarding - A closer connection to the water

Prone Paddleboard InformationIf you have ever thought about trying prone, and wondered what the draw is. Or been intimidated from horror stories about how it is cold and hardcore...then this article is for you. Join us as we share our impression of prone paddleboarding as a total newbie that has paddled other craft. How is it compared to SUP and Outrigger? Why is it growing in popularity now, after being around so long before SUP was trendy? And most importantly, did we enjoy it? Find out here...

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How to replace an OC1 Rudder Cable

OC1 Rudder Cable Repair
So you got an awesome OC1. And you use it all the time. But with all great things, there may come a time where you need to do a little maintenance. And sometimes, it includes replacing your rudder cable. Whether because it snapped on a paddle, or you are being pro-active (good on you!) This article below is how to replace a rudder cable on an Outrigger Connection Stingray. While this is an older canoe, the parts and process are very similar to what you may be paddling (i.e. Hurricane, Kaku, Scorpius, Peuo, Ehukai, Anteres or Kahekai) so we hope this at least gets you on the right path for your repair.

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Elements of Recovery - A Na Pali Bucket List Story

I'd like to think I have never taken paddling for granted. And the good health that lets me paddle. But I am sure over the years I have enjoyed this sport, I have done just that. Taken for granted our waters, the camaraderie of teammates, and the athleticism paddling provides me. So as you can imagine, when a back injury took away my ability to comfortably sit, stand, walk and paddle, I scolded myself for having not appreciated it even more.

Little did I know that a chance to paddle in a race I have dreamed about doing for 6 years would come along. And that I would be able to resume a paddling addiction that had been threatened in the year prior due to injury.

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California's Best Places to Paddle - The Bucket List of Top Paddles

Best places to paddle in CaliforniaThe 7 Wonders of the (Cali Paddler) World! We are big fans of paddling in our amazing state. And over time, we have found there to be certain paddles that are so amazing, that everyone should have them on their bucket list. So, with New Year's resolutions and inspiration always being shared, we decided to come up with this list.

The places listed are amazing, and something only paddlers can experience. For each one we reached out to a local expert in the region to get tips and insight so that when you launch to check it off your list, you have a positive experience. Enjoy, and be sure to thank each person below and visit their websites.

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