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Interview with Chase Kosterlitz - The SUP to OC Experience

Chase Kosterlitz - SUP to OCAs you know, promoting multi-craft paddling, is one of the core goals at Cali Paddler. So when Chase Kosterlitz, who we consider an absolute stud SUP paddler here in California, concluded his first season of paddling OC6, we were really stoked to ask him his thoughts on the new sport. We polled a bunch of SUP paddlers we knew who have always been a little curious about outrigger, and came up with the following QA session. Enjoy!

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Cali Paddler Explorations: Drying Up (with Chase Kosterlitz)

California Waterway ExplorationsWe are grateful to have explorers like Chase Kosterlitz, who are not only fantastic paddlers and people, but who are also willing to explore our California waters and draw attention to the conservation efforts that are needed. Chase teams up with Chris Olivias and BIC SUP in this video to explore California's second largest reservoir to see the impact the drought is having on our waterways and paddle playgrounds. Beautiful. Dramatic. Impactful.

"It's hard to paddle (survive) without water. This past June we set out to document some of the waterways hardest hit by the current west coast drought. Here is our story. " - Chase

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