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10 Salton Sea Paddler Questions - Answered

January 31, 2016 Clarke Graves

Salton Sea SUPLast March when we first met up with the organizers of the upcoming North Shore Xtreme, the first ever paddle race at the Salton Sea, Greg and I had lots of questions. And we are pretty sure you have the same questions. So we thought we would share with you what we learned as I paddled OC2 that day, and Greg SUP'd during a subsequent visit. Hopefully, anyone who is 'on the fence' about going to the race, can benefit from the 10 paddler questions and answers below. :)


January 09, 2016 Greg Gagnon

H2O Trash PatrolA corner-stone of what makes us all a Cali Paddler is our collective energy towards conservation. If you're reading this, you are no stranger to beach clean-ups, recycling, and phrases like "Leave only footprints".

One small family felt just the same way and after every surf session in So-Cal they would clean up their area and leave it better than they found it. When they discovered the sport of SUP, they took this concept even further to what has now grown into a movement. Taking the beach clean-up to the waterways to wage war against aquatic trash.

How a single bottle cap can alter the future...

July 06, 2015 Greg Gagnon

Cali Paddler Donations!

It is with great pride and honor that I sit here, humbled that Cali Paddler has the opportunity to make our first contribution to the three non-profit organizations we support. It's so rewarding, and so exciting, that within just a few months we are able to start giving back to the community. If you're reading this, please take a second to recognize that you contributed to making this possible.

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